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    Default Almost Ready, but One Last Question

    Ok - I've read everything everyone has written about the AN experience, and nearly every conceivable question has been asked and answered, and I'm really excited to try AN for the first time in 2.5 weeks at SSB! ::cheers all around::

    BUT - I have one last thing to ask. Has anyone ever been uncomfortable around the bartenders or other clothed staff in the AN areas? I realize they're professionals and I doubt they would say or do anything inappropriate (Couples' staff is awesome!), but has anyone been uncomfortable with the fact that you're nude and they're not?

    I'm sure that the staff working in the AN areas are like doctors, they've seen it all and are pretty unfazed by it. I just need to hear it from you guys.

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    This is our story. We went to CSS last August for the first time. Before our trip, for almost three months I read everyday this message board trying to find answers to all my concerns (giving the fact that we were new to the AN experience). I could say that I was more than ready to do it.
    After check in, we decide to go to SSB, but it was already 5:20 PM and the beach was open to all guests. When we get to the beach there was some people au naturel around the pool. We were dressed so we didn't want to go the pool area, in fact I couldn't even look, I was terrified (even though I was an "expert" by reading the message board everyday)
    The next day early in the morning we decide to do it. And we did. No matter what time you go there always are people from the staff making sure that everything is working fine. And you will find they are the most respectful people you'll find.
    Jheanel, the bartender, is the heart of SSB. She really cares and tries to make you feel comfortable while you are at SSB. She is the best. If you see her say hi from her friends of Ecuador.
    As a rule, when we are on vacation (me and my wife), we like to spend the time together and we don't like to socialize.
    But this time was different, people is really friendly at SSB, and I can say we made good friends, in fact we are going to meet next year at CSS with some of them. One of my friends told me that this happens because when you are AN, everybody is at the same level, nothing to hide, so focus on what really matters, and not waste time trying to guess what's underneath. What the MB says is true.
    Try SSB, you are going to enjoy it, as we did. To be honest we never try the regular beach (we'll we took a few pictures to show the friends we wen't to the beach, but never stayed there LOL). And by the way, you won't find doctors, you'll find caring people and real friends.
    As a matter of fact, we already booked for March 2010. We can't wait to go back.
    Hope this help

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    Not in the least bit

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    I think you get to the point that you actually forget you are nude ~ the employees are working and have seen it all before so seeing you nude is nothing special or different to them. Hopefully once you try it you will realize that the AN experience really isn't about looking and judging other people by the look of their body - it's about the freedom you feel without clothing and the "real people" you meet.

    Funny story ~ while at CN AN I went to use the restroom and did not cover myself, Karen Langden and I met face to face on the walkway to the restroom ~ I immediately felt embarrassed but she was the one who apologized and told me not to worry. You see I was in the AN area AN and she was in the AN and not ~ no worries, it's all good!
    ... it keepsh me shane

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