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    The gvs are all at the back of the resort and next to the road.It is busy sometimes during the day but it is a two lane road and IMO, not THAT busy.You will not be in it much during the day anyway.Some people have said that the first floor is the best because there is a wall that blocks some of the noise.I have stayed in 2nd floor twice and like I have posted before, it never bothered me and I am a light sleeper too.I wouldn't worry so much.After drinking and being on the beach of pool all day, I dought you will even notice any noise.Have fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stalos View Post
    [Hi My daughter is thinking of booking her honeymoon Sans Souci, they have been offered a veranda suite the one in the picture on the web look nothing like the ones you are showing so please advise, Also do you think they will have a good time they have looked at sandials also and can't make up their minds.

    Thanks Stalos
    Hi Stalos...congrats on your daughters upcoming marriage. As others have stated those pics are of Swept Away which is in Negril. San Souci is located in Ochos Rios on the other side of Jamaica.

    First of all after having stayed at 3 of the 4 Couples Resorts and a "S" resort....please advise her to book Couples, it's absolutely the best choice in Jamaica for her honeymoon. I know it's hard just looking at the internet, but she will have the most amazing time at a Couples Resort. Having said that she can't go wrong with any of the Couples Resorts, she should look at the pictures on this website and see which one appeals to her. My daughter and her finance we looking at booking San Souci, but the most important thing on their list was the beach and she loved the look of the beaches at Swept Away. They'll be there in October.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Natalie22 View Post
    Just booked for March 2010...WooHoo! for CSA. Does anyone have pictures they would be willing to share of these rooms/bathrooms?

    Do these rooms have outlets in the bathrooms for curling irons/flat irons?

    What floor do most of you prefer with these type rooms?

    Can anyone tell me where most of these are located on the property? I saw the map but just wondering how many units there are of this type and how spread out they are on the property.

    Thanks and the count down is on!!!
    Hi Natalie.
    We just booked our 1st trip to CSA, but we took our 1st Couples trip to CN last May. There are outlets in the bathrooms, I'm pretty sure, but I have to agree with Amy. A flat iron is a fruitless effort in Jamaica. If your hair is like mine with natural curl in it, there is no hope of straightening it in Jamaica. Take it with you if you want, but be prepared with a backup plan . I will probably take my Redken Guts, FrizEase Hairspray, and a blow dryer and just let it be this time!

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    Okay-- so GVS towards the center of the resort. We're thinking floor 3 for the view and privacy - and a side room. Does this sound like a good choice??

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovin'lagers View Post
    Okay-- so GVS towards the center of the resort. We're thinking floor 3 for the view and privacy - and a side room. Does this sound like a good choice??
    If I was going to CSA that's exactly what I'd request. Just remember all you can do is ask so don't be disapointed if that location isn't available. What ever room you get in a garden veranhad catagory will be great. I would give up an end unit room to be more in the middle of the resort though. Even thought the middle rooms balconies without extra open side were a little more private but it is nice to have the shutters in your room for more natural light with the end of unit rooms.
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    Good choice lovinlagers, have fun!

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    Default Honeymoon

    My fiance and I are going to CSA in June of 2010.......both really excited. We are looking at the Great House Verandah Suite. Has anyone stayed would you rate the room? Also, we are looking at doing some outside activities while we are there, such as the Ziplining and Horseback riding. Has anyone tried these activities there? I cannot wait to get out there as all of your reviews seem to be nothing but amazing. If anyone would love to send me pictures of your trip, I would love to see them as I have never been to Jamaica before. My email is:

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