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    Default Email for CSA/Tips from frequent visitors

    I've read here or perhaps on TripAdvisor's site that you should send an email about a week before you're scheduled to leave informing the Resort of your flight information. If I understand correctly, this should be done in order to account for your airport transfer to the Resort. Would anyone happen to have an email address for CSA? I've searched the site and can only locate a phone number.

    On another note, are there any tips that might benefit a first-timer? I'm looking for the types of things/information that may not be written anywhere but those who are frequent vistors have found to be helpful over the years. Anything you can think of.....

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    It's really not necessary to email them in advance, but you can have your TA do it, that's part of their "job".

    As for tips - on our first trip to CSA years back, we knew nothing, read nothing and didn't research on the Interent...and we had the best time ( why we keep going back )

    Just relax, don't over-plan or micro-manage...get to know the locals, they are REALLY the "experts" in Negril.
    Have a great time

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    If you used a travel agent, he/she should have already taken care of letting the resort know your flight information.

    If not, sign up for Romance Rewards. When you do, you can do a pre-checkin on line (go to the Romance Rewards tab). There will be a place to enter your flight information.

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