To all the those who chose to take their honeymoons as CSA or CN what room did you choose? What made you choose this room? And finally did you make the right choice one you got there? We are getting to very close to booking out honeymoon but I am still unsure about our room choice. I would love if anyone had some pictures to share of their rooms Did you purchase a honeymoon package, if so which one. I like so many other brides have spent so much time doing research on where to take our honeymoon and couples was an easy choice......I just really really want everything to be perfect! When we went to CSS last May we had a wonderful time but at the same time we felt like since we were not getting married or on our honeymoon we were not treated the same. I'm just so worried that when we are actually on out honeymoon we will run into the same problem :/ Would love any advise past honeymooners have!