I don't know if any of the staff ever read this MB, but I just wanted to take a moment to say, "THANK YOU"!!

I have only stayed at CSA, and CN, but from reading raves from others. I'm sure the outstanding staff axists at all Couples properties.

Thank you for your gracious welcomes
Thank you for your bright smiles
Thank your for the hard work keeping grounds and beaches gorgeous.
Thank you for cooking so many delicious meals
Thank you for showing me cool stuff while snorkeling
Thank you for putting up with me trying to waterski!
Thanks for keeping frosty drinks flowing.
Thanks for keeping our room comfy and clean

I could go on forever, but just wanted to express how much of an impact the staff has on all of our vacations!

YOU ALL are truly appreciated!

See everyone at CSA next week! Can't wait to share hugs with all of you!!!

Lewanda and Mike Sullivan
Houston, Texas