Hi everyone
Just sat thinking of our fabulous holiday at CN. On my last post i commented on all the great staff there, we were really impressed with all off them, but we would like to mention a few that were outstanding and we hope couples appreciates how good they are. Firstly there was Carlos who went the extra mile without being pushy, felt sorry for him after asking me to go on karaoke, i totally was rubbish i blame the system it wasnt me lol. Then there was Elkie alcholic, she never failed to greet us as though we were old friends always asking where the lads were (they were at golf of course)she had a couple of days off while we were there,but when she came back she knew what we wanted to drink before we did lol, how did they do that with so many guest. Kemar was also great his resort orientation was great he also went on holiday while we were there but before he did he was always very pleasant.
Ivelyn at pool bar always laughing Marlon too. Anyways if ive forgotten anyone im sorry . Hope to see you all soon.