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    I joined the romance rewards however I entered my stay in April 2013 and Otis saying I have 0 points even though its sowing I stayed for 1 week! Who do I contact? Thanks

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    Hello, We are coming on July 3rd and want to know if construction is almost complete? This is our Honeymoon and first resort chain stay and all inclusive stay. We are really hoping this will be a great experience since this is our first trip out of the states. We really hope we won't be disappointed. And you really should have picked my name for the restaurant! And also, how much is it for just a romantic dinner on the beach? Andrew

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    We booked for the 3rd to the 11th. See ya there! Andy and Stacy...

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    Hi, I'm going on July 3rd. Could you give us a shout out and let us know about it when you get there? So worried about if its gonna be nice and if they got the construction done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jblauvelt View Post
    I joined the romance rewards however I entered my stay in April 2013 and Otis saying I have 0 points even though its sowing I stayed for 1 week! Who do I contact? Thanks
    Contact the Romance Rewards Coordinator via their support ticket on the website. Link below. Keep in mind it can take several weeks for your most recent stay to post.

    Submit Ticket - Couples Resorts - Couples Resorts Helpdesk and Support
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
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    Barbados Island Inclusive voucher(s)

    Hello Randy, we just booked our CB vacation for this October. How would we go about getting these vouchers? Is that something I would have had to ask my travel agent for? She did the booking for us though the Couples website today.

    Also, is there going to be a 1/2 hour couples massage included with our romance rewards? We'd surely miss that, we always upgrade to an hour.

    Thank you

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    I realise there is a no tipping policy in Barbados as there is in Jamaica but if we don't give cash to the people whose service we appreciate - what should we bring - will candy and school supplies still be needed on this island or should we bring something else

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    Are there safes in the rooms at CB? If so, are they the same size as in CSA? Thanks!

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    hi just wishing you the best on opening day tomorrow and I hope everything goes off smoothly

    hello couples Barbados

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    ref tipping can be embarrassing for others who do not normally tip as we have it included in the price of goods/service in the UK hence I understand the policy tip when you leave because you can leave more, whereas if you tip frequently people expect you to tip all the time and service becomes misdirected to those whom tip frequently. In the Maldives many places refused to take tips because you had not fully experienced their hospitality, they did have an adopt scheme where a local school was adopted and change etc could be donated to that cause (which I think is a great idea) and was at the front desk.

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    Why no room service? I read when you first announced that in-room breakfast would be that still the case? Also, I notice on the room descriptions for the Jamaica Couples that robes are included in the rooms, are they also included at CB?

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    Hi Randy, I'm thrilled that Barbados is opening. Congratulations. I love Jamaica, have visited 7 times, was planning a last-minute getaway to another island but getting there was cost- and time-prohibitive. In desperation, I searched for alternative on a travel website and read the news about CB. What an answer to my prayers!! I'm coming in July. After 3 stays at CN/CSS I have NO DOUBTS that we'll be treated right at CB! Quick question that I didn't see answer to in this thread. Does Block 1 have elevators? I have Stage IV cancer and fatigue is a concern for me.

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    Hi Randymon
    We have only 10 more sleeps before we come back to Barbados. Hope your opening day goes well, sorry we could not be there for it. We are really looking forward to our visit, this will be for our 38th Anniversary and Davids 60th birthday (early) could not come in August.
    I have a couple of questions please before we arrive. Is there wifi in the bedrooms? Can ladies wear dress trousers in the reastaurants or can I only wear a dress? Do the sunbeds have thick cushions on them? What power wattage are you using at the resort?
    Otherwise really looking forward to meeting you all, bye for now, Lorraine Adams

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    Got here opening day... Renovations are not complete! Finally have flags for drinks on the beach & fridge hasn't been restocked since we got here. We did the precheck in...yet no tshirts

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    Has anyone gone scuba diving yet ? Interested to know which dive operator they are using and how much additional dives cost.

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    Hey all,

    Was just curious as to how the first couple days are going in Barbados?! Just booked our honeymoon for CB in October and can't wait.

    Also, here's a link showing where the Barbados Spending Vouchers, for those that qualify, can be used. The list is nice, but really, there are few things on there that aren't already included.

    Free Spending Money

    Hope all is going well with the re-branding/opening and can't wait to get there!

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    I can answer a few questions. There Are elevators in block 1. No robes in Barbados. Room safes are the same as those in Jamaica. Most of the construction is done....there is some, but it doesn't seem to disturb the guests. I don't think the spa is open, but will let you know. I am here now (day 3) and we are having a lovely time.
    Socal and Sintown
    CN 6/2014
    CB 6/2013
    CTI 6/2012

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    Block 1 is the only block with an elevator . We have booked the Ocean view junior suite for 2 weeks in August/September. I am sure that you will feel much better after your stay in CB. Take care of yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pwb View Post
    Has anyone gone scuba diving yet ? Interest to know which dive operator they are using and how much additional dives cost.

    I sent a message to Couples customer service in April and they told me that it was West Side SCUBA.

    Their website address is Dive West Side Scuba - Barbados

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    I have read some bad reviews on trip advisor a bit nervous about next week. How do you think the hotel stacks up compared to other couples resorts?

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    Thank you, socal and bobby h for answering my question and for your well wishes. Joyful travels to both of you.

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    Randymon - Please let us know how things are going. There have been some quite awful reviews on TA (forum and a new review - likely same person). How much is true? I don't personally believe it all and think some people may be exaggerating some problems somewhat... I hope. We are going in Dec. and I have confidence in Couples.... However, some without the history and great experiences may start to worry and book elsewhere.

    Please respond!!

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    some more bad reports on tripadvisor
    hope everything sorted by time we arrive

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    Robes being delivered, Spa is fully open.

    Better every day.

    Couples Resorts

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    Quote Originally Posted by papagray View Post
    some more bad reports on tripadvisor
    hope everything sorted by time we arrive
    Every day is getting better, although there is still a long way to go. They are understaffed and undertrained, although there are improvements each day. Wish I knew we were going to be "Beta Testers".

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