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    Default Wedding/Not all Guests are this okay?


    Me and my future wife have reserved a date for 2013, I have come to realize that not all our guests are couples, is this alright? There is about 10 of us staying at Couples and another small group staying at another resort who will get day passes on the day of the wedding.

    I am worried will we be frowned upon if not all of us are couples? Like the way I see we're paying for the vacation and wedding packages, I don't want to upset any staff or guests because we're going against the "couples only" mentality, we picked this resort to have our wedding because it looks very nice...any help/opinions would be greatly appreciated before 6pm Central time as that is the time we will be putting our deposits down, just in case we have to look elsewhere, but we've already paid for the date

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    It will be fine for your wedding. I don't think they get singles staying there very often. It's not a swinging kind of resort company but I'm assuming the people that are staying at couples are couples?

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    Its isn't a couples only mentality it is a couples only policy. But as long as your guest are respectful that for a wedding singles are allowed its all good. And as softail said its not a swinging kind of resort. That doesn't mean you cant find some fun after 9pm, you can dance the night away in the disco its just not an M Tv springbreak free for all.

    Best wishes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dubtncns View Post
    . . . any help/opinions would be greatly appreciated before 6pm Central time as that is the time we will be putting our deposits down . . . .(
    This message board is moderated, meaning that all submissions are reviewed and approved by a moderator before being posted. Sometimes, the board is not updated for DAYS. If you need information by a certain date and time, you really need to submit your question days in advance, not hours.
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    We had our wedding at CSA last year and had a few guests that weren't couples. They were my two sisters and two best friends. We had no problems. They weren't out looking for dates or anything and were very respectful, of course.

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