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    If you like handcrafted Jamaican items, and are staying at CSA, you’ve got to go see “The Sand Man”. His name is Michael Livingston Lloyd, his shop is called Irie Arts and he makes wood carvings. But they are very unique. In 6 trips to Jamaica, I have never seen anything like this before. He coats them with different colors of sand, from all over the island. From white to light grey to tans and browns and black. Some are partially sand and partially painted and others are all sand. They look like stone but are very light because they are made from wood.

    I got this beautiful parrot last month from him and can’t wait to get another piece next year:

    Here is some more of his work:

    And here he is by his sign.

    He is located right next to the Ristorante da Gino which is the big yellow wall right at the coastline, about a quarter to half mile from CSA. There’s an open area with local shops down the left side. Walk through the fence in the back and the Sand Man is the last shop on the left.

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