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    Default CN - question for recent visitors

    I was at CN last in 2005. At that time, I had only 2 minor complaints. One was that there was a cement stool at the swim up bar that was broken off. Not a big deal, but I did cut my foot a little on the remaining stump. Did they ever get this fixed, or at least smooth off the jagged edges?

    The other minor complaint was with the showers in the rooms. We were in building 9, I think. It was the one closest to the AN beach. The water pressure was low. When taking a shower, the diverter on the tub spout would not stay up to run the shower head. We were able to apply clothes pins to the diverter to force it to stay up.... but it was a minor inconvenience.

    Everything else about the 10 days we stayed was absolutely wonderful. I'm just curious if those minor maintenance issues were ever resolved.

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    I have been to CN the last four years. I'm sure that the broken stool is fixed. As far as the shower, I have stayed in buildings, 3,5,2, & 8 and always had clean, hot, showers with plenty of pressure.

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    Have been to CN several times since 2005 ... Most recent trip was over Christmas. There's no problems with broken stools at the pool bar that I noticed or heard anything about. The water pressure in your shower I think is a hit or miss thing still ..... Not sure if it depends on the room or on the time of day you're showering. We tend to go back to the room before 5:00 to shower to beat the rush & that seems to help. We've had rooms in different blocks & different floors but seem to always at some point have a problem with water pressure. Last trip was the best for fewer issues but still had to shower holding the diverter up for a little bit until the water pressure built up (???) but was happy to have hot water everytime ..... We've had rooms where we never got hot water (luke warm was as good as it got) & rooms where we had to hold the diverter up the entire shower .... It's not a deal killer for us so we just see it as part of the "charm".

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    Not sure about the swim up bar stool but we did stay in building 9 last week and the water pressure was fine all 8 days we were there.

    Have a great trip!

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    The broken pool bar stool was repaired in Sept. 2005, when they drained the pool to re-surface/re-tile it.

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    I think it was in 2006 that they emptied the pool and fixed the stool. I was also there in 2005 and lightly cut my foot on the missing stool. Good news is it is fixed.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I was in building 9 last year and had no problems. As for the bar stool, it has been fixed. I was there January and saw no problems. Yea Mon!
    Planning on trip #5 next January 2014.

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