Here's a suggestion.

I'm a member of a couple other online forums and on them, posts are reflected immediately. The way this message board is set up, each post must be reviewed before being posted. And I'm sure there is a reason for that. But that means three to four days before any replies can be seen in response to the original post which is quite cumbersome.

To register on this message board, a person must agree to abide by your rules, which should limit problem posts in the first place. The other forums also have a feature that allows a member to immediately report a post as violating those rules. This brings a post to the moderators attention at any time. Finally, the moderators can and due suspend or ban accounts as appropriate due to violations of those rules.

Finally, if one requirement for joining this message board were to require a Couples membership number for 'repeaters' or a resort confirmation number for first-timers like myself, I think that would eliminate 99% of problem posts.

I hope you consider this suggestion and apologize if it has already been addressed.