Hello all,

My wife and I are going to CSS in a few weeks and I'm concerned we may not have booked the best room for us. We are staying in a ONE BEDROOM BEACHFRONT SUITE. Below are our priorities for a room:

1. Best view of the water/beach as possible from a balcony/patio (we usually prefer to be higher up for a better view). This is by far the most important thing to us.

2. We like having a TV in the bedroom to fall asleep to. I don't think the room we are currently in has a TV in the bedroom. It looks like the TV is in the small room off the bedroom.
3. Price. The most we can afford is the OBBFS or maybe one category higher.

We don't care about how far we have to walk to anything or climbing stairs. We were at CSS once before about five years ago but don't remember very much about it. I know we stayed in a lower room category though.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance.