She feeds our bodies and our minds.

She baths us in a warm and tranquil environment.

She immerses our being into splendor and enjoyment.

She envelopes us with comfort and peacefulness.

She consumes us with happiness and love.

She encapsulates us in order that we may relax, realize, and reaffirm, with ourselves and with our partners too. And be completely free of quilt while we enjoy her gracious hospitality and breathtaking surroundings.

She is the ageless and generous care taker of the gleaming white buildings that fill the little cove at Couples Tower Isle. Her image is reflected in every room at the resort. The woman with her eyes closed decoration.

Behind those covered eyes, is the dream that a young man had, many years ago. To build a resort that treated the guests more like family, rather than just a visiting couple. I think that he would be very proud and happy to see where his dream has gone, and then went on to fulfill the dreams of countless numbers of couples who have passed through those portals.

Once again, my timeless beauty, I look forward to the day when time and space will no longer be such a painful separation. I look forward to returning, very soon now, to be standing there and feel you all around me. To feel the touch of your gentle winds, to inhale the fragrances that behind racing thru my brain. To hear your soft and welcoming spirit whispering in my ears. And once again, we will be home.