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    Default CSS or CSA over Thansgiving

    Hi Folks,

    We have been to CSS before and are going again in April. We are thinking about going again over Thanksgiving and are torn between going back to CSS or trying out CSA. To those who have been to both, your thoughts would be appreciated. I like the character of CSS - was thinking CSA might be more "hotel like". Thoughts?

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    No CSA would not be more "hotel like" in fact quite the opposit. I think if you saw the beach at CSA or CN you would fall in love and find it hard to go back to CSS.

    I would suggest that you also look at CN, they have a wonderful pool, similar to CSS's only it is central to the resort.
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    The only part of csa that is "hotel-like" might be the Greathouse suites maybe. Csa is the least hotel like of all the couples resorts. We have been to both and csa is our favorite by far. Trip #5 booked for April. If you would like a few pics and a video or two email me at

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