My fiance and I are planning our June 2014 honeymoon! Yay! I have done SO much research and I have even made a spreadsheet to try to determine where would be the best place for us to go. (Silly right, we are going to have a blast no matter what!) But I was still hoping some of you could give me some answers to my questions!

CSS Questions

There dont seem to be many restaurant selections. We are big foodies and are SUPER excited about all the delicious food, especially Jerk Chicken! When we go are we going to have a wide variety even though there are only a few restaurants? How many are there exactly, the website says only 1 for Breakfast, 2 for lunch, and 3 for dinner. I dont want to get there and then feel like we are eating the same things over and over!

Are the stairs going to be an issue? We are looking at either the One Bedroom Ocean or Beachfront Suite! My fiance loves the lushness of CSS but seeing some of the pictures I am a little nervous. We are both pretty athletic. (getting in shape for the wedding :P)

CTI Questions

My biggest worry is that when we get there it's going to feel like a hotel, I know each person is going to have a difference in opinion. Could you tell me WHY it feels like a hotel to you, or why NOT?

The beach is another big concern, while my fiance loves to swim, I love to just sit and lounge with a good book! I have seen several pictures of the CTI beach which is VERY small. While I dont mind this terribly much, I was wondering if (compared to CSS beach for those of you who have been to both) it was comparable, smaller, larger, etc?

Thank you for taking the time to help me out! I'd love to hear anything else you have to say about why you love either of the resorts (or both)!