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    Default Type of Dress for CSA Wedding

    My fiancé and I have decided to do our wedding at CSA in April 2016. It will just be the two of us and our best friends (a couple). We have both been married before but for my first I was 9 months pregnant and we went to the JP. I never got to wear a dress. So....I am going to wear a dress this time! However, we have different opinions about what kind of dress I should wear. I like simple but would like a dress with a sweep train. He thinks that a train of any kind will be a problem with the sand. Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions? I would be most appreciative.

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    Email me if you'd like to see what I wore. A train might be a bit of a pain in the sand but wear what you want. Just make it as lightweight as possible. It's very warm and you don't want a big pouffy heavy dress imo. We got married in 04 and renewed our vows last year and it was the best 2 decisions we ever made
    I'll add, I've seen a few dresses with shorter trains and if you don't mind it getting dirty, go for it
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    Can anyone out there help me out regarding the second wedding dresses. That would be so nice of you. I am quite anxious this time and I don't want to ruin this ever - green moment of my life that God has provided me once again.

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