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    I'm seeing a lot of people recommending outside photographers, but has anyone had wedding pictures done by the Couples staff? We are considering the sunset ceremony and photography is included in that...

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    We got married at CSA in 2011 & used Couples photographer. We thought they were great & the entire thing went very smoothly. We also just returned from CSA & saw a couple of weddings while we were there & thought the entire staff did a great job on all of them. They make a point of keeping people out of your pics/vids & keeping the beach people as quiet as they can. They even towel you off to look good in your pics lol! I would have no worries about using them. Congrats, you are going to have a great time as they are pro's and have it down to a fine process. JA & Couples is a great place to start married life

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    Ausome, we married 10 years ago, renewed our vows last April and used resort photogs both times. I have a few pics of pics and one taken with my phone. Email me if interested at

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    Ooops, I got married in 2006 NOT 2011! Sorry been with him since middle school, lol it's hard to keep track ha! ha! Either way, the photography is great, don;t worry & use them

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    Thank you so much for the positivity! I'm s excited and Couples seems like the perfect place for us

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    We're renewing ours we are using an outside photographer. Her prices were sooooo much better and she includes the resort fee. I'm so excited after seeing all the awards she's won on her photography.

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    My husband and I married at CTI on October 30, 2013. I used the resort photographer and he was great wroth every penny.We're going back for our one year anniversary 10/30/14 and to celebrate i decide to do a photo shoot all over again.

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