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    Default Travelers checks vs. cash?

    My husband and I will be going to CTI for the first time this April and wanted to know if there is an ATM on site? We have considered just bringing travelers checks instead of cash, for Margaritaville and shopping, but didn't know if one was better than the other? Thoughts?

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    In my experience, travelers checks are a PITA! Just take some cash and a credit or debit card. Margaritaville and most shopping places will take a card. Don't recall an ATM at CTI but I could have just not seen it.

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    I don't know if cti has a atm but we always bring cash, lots of small bills. We bring 4-5 hundred just in case but always bring money home.

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    Yes, there is an ATM. You'll get a better deal with cash than travelers checks when it comes to shopping.

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    We've never taken travelers checks to Jamaica/Couples. Every place we've been there takes US dollars so it's not worth the hassle for us. There's a safe in your room so you can lock up any cash you don't want to keep with you. You should check with CTI to see if they will cash your travelers checks if that's what you decide to bring.

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    Don't bring traveler's checks... just bring small bills for purchasing gifts etc.. and for the tipping outside of the resort. They prefer US cash to anything else and it is accepted everywhere.

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    We always bring cash. Some vendors will give you Jamaican money back as change Js. We also use our credit cards. Make sure you call your credit card companies about a week before your trip. We always use a credit card for the room deposit. Be aware though. Some credit card companies are now charging international service fees.

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    I recommend American cash in small bills. If you pay with a bigger bill, they will probably give you change with jamaican dollars. You won't need too much cash at the resort-only for souvenirs you buy from vendors on the beach and tips at the airport. They all happily accept american money. Happy travels!

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    According to the FAQ, there are no ATMs. The resort, most larger places like Margaritaville will take visa/mc (or have an atm). For smaller independent crafters, I think cash is best. I typically take a couple hundred cash broken into small bills (mostly 1 and 5, nothing bigger than 20) so that I can just take what I need for a day shopping and tipping drivers/guides. I leave the rest locked in the safe. It also helps to have pretty close to the total (within a couple bucks), so it's easier for people to make change. And you will have better luck negotiating with cash than travelers checks when buying local goods.

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    Just bring cash... in smaller bills preferably.

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    We were just there feb 1-10 and I used the ATM onsite. It is in the games room.

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    We take & use cash only. Everything you get on site is charged to your room, so that goes on the credit card. We use only cash off site. I would suggest if you take a credit card that it has a small available balance.

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    Will the Couples resorts break $20's? Kind of a pain to carry around $500 in $1's and $5's

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    Yes they will break bigger bills. We always split the cash between the two of us so its not that bad.

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