I'm just curious. I went to CSA back in 2010 with what was my fiancé at the time. We had intentions of getting married at CSA but ended up calling off the wedding completely & still went on the trip. The relationship ended shortly after. (That is good thing). As he wasn't the one for me.
I loved Jamaica & Couples & CSA so much that a I've never stopped thinking about it. Well when it came to think about mine & my current boyfriend's honeymoon, I couldn't get Jamaica out of my heart. We even looked at the Maya Riviera (which was half the cost) and kinda considered other places. But I just kept thinking about Sans Souci. (I had put CSS on my bucket list after visiting CSA and knew that I eventually had to get there). My boyfriend has never been out of the country or to an all inclusive, so I wanted this to be the BEST experience for him...I have ulterior motives here. If he loves it, we can go more!
My boyfriend is not a beach person per say, he enjoys the mountains & waterfalls. Which against, led me in the direction of CSS.
We eventually decided on Jamaica. And trying not to go somewhere I've already been with someone else...I looked at other resorts. But what if try weren't as good as Couples?? And CSS kept calling to me! I researched for days different resorts other than Couples. But CSS kept on calling me. In the end we chose CSS because I can't imagine going to Jamaica & NOT staying at a Couples resort!
He know that I went CSA with the ex. So he said any resort besides CSA. LOL
So that's my story....am I the only one who has been with someone else?
And can I get in on the repeat dinner?! Ha! Ha! But seriously, wonder how that works since I really am but he isn't?
Happily CSS bound June 29-July 6, 2013!