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    Default Any west coast Couples fans?

    Just wondering who else on the left coast has caught the Couples addiction?
    -Annaleis & Neil (Should be 1cat2dogs)

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    We live in Seattle and have been to Couples 5 times, returning in August for trip 6 & 7. It is very far to travel, but worth it!

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    We live in Victoria BC and love love love Jamaica 3rd trip in September!

    Ah TandJ I just had a stroke when looking at the price of air out of Seattle as opposed to Victoria and found it's $1000 cheaper then I was horrified to see the difference in flight times! You guys are there in 11 or so hours. We have to suffer through 24 hours of travel but it's worth it. I think for our next trip we will fly out of SEA way cheaper and less travel time!

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    We live about 20-miles north east of Seattle and we will be going to CN in November for our 6th year in a row. The travel to and from is very long, but very much worth it. We generally go for 10-days, but this time we are going for 12-days. Can't wait to get there!!!!!
    Don & Denise

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    We like in San Francisco and can't wait to be back to couples! Second trip in April

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    We have! We go almost every year. This year will be 12th time. We generally try to go for at least two weeks (sometimes to 2 of the resorts) since the flight is so long. Hawaii is a lot closer, but Jamaica is home :-).

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    We live in Northern California in the Bay area! Our 3rd trip to Jamaica will be next year. It will be our 2nd Couples [Swept Away] trip!

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    Meeko - I love Victoria, BC, what a beautiful place! that's crazy it takes so much longer, and you are so close! It would definitely be better to fly out of Seattle.

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    We are from the San Francisco Bay Area. I can tell we are going to be fans for the rest of our lives, even though we have not yet been there!

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    San Diego here, been to all 4 at least once plus CSA 4 times... Sure wish it was easier to get there from here.

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    We're from Portland, OR and love Couples! Unfortunately the flights are so expensive that we can't afford to go back often, but our second trip is coming this September. Can't wait!!

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    What type of flight do you do? Daughter is going from there and looked at travel times, looks like Fri. night departure and get there Sat. midday. Is that what you usually do? How long before you get on Jamaican time? Or are you jet lagged for a couple of days?

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    Hi Micaela&Daniel, Hubby and I are displaced Oregonians who now live in Orlando! We miss Oregon, but it is way easier to go "home" to Jamaica from Orlando rather than from the City of Roses! Have a great trip in September!:-)

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    TandJ victoria is beautiful, we love it here. Unfortunately by loving on an island you have to deal with the ferry which adds a couple of hours, then depending on weather and time of year you may need to overnight because ferries are notorious to cancel sailing or breakdown. Then fly out of Vancouver to Toronto and down to Jamaica. So if we have to over night in Vancouver it usually works out to 36 hours of travel! Yet when we arrive we don't sleep and jump right into the ocean lol!

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    We also live just northeast of Seattle. Going to CSS in September. This will be our 3rd trip to Jamaica but our first to Couples. Yes it is a long trip there but well worth it!

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    We are about 60 miles northeast of Los Angeles in a city named Palmdale and can't wait for our second trip to CN coming up June!!!! We've done all the Hawaiian islands, even got married on one but Jamaica is home...

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    We are from central California and we are very much looking forward to our first trip to CSA on April 20th! Hopefully the first of many...

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    Very cool!! We are in the Nor Cal, SF area!! Great to hear from other west coasters!!
    -Annaleis & Neil (Should be 1cat2dogs)

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    Wow look at everyone form the West coast going in September! I laugh when people say it's rainy their rainy season, I wish our rainy season was as warm! I hear ya regarding the price of flights it's criminal!

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    We are from Washington and MAN that trip out there is long. but worth every single minute. Sure, you're a little tired the day you get there. who cares! youre on vaca!! We just forced ourselves to stay awake that first night for a while so we could adjust faster. There is always something going on so its certainly not hard to stay entertained.

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    We live in the North Bay area of San Francisco (near Santa Rosa). Our next trip (#3) to CSA is in Dec 2013. Can't wait to get back.
    MsBehave03 - We lived in Palmdale in the late 80s-early 90s.

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    We are going for 3rd on central coast of ca..last time wound up in hot tub with our sons football couch..san luis obispo county digs couples!

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    Hi chacy, we live in Paso Robles and agree that SLO County Digs Couples! We are headed to CN in 24 days! This will be our 3rd trip to Couples.It gets better each time!

    Todd and Dee

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    Hi SuzyQ! Yes, I certainly believe it is easier to get back "home" from Orlando...last year we went to Maui instead of Jamaica because it is SO much closer! Luckily JetBlue now has a red eye out of PDX to JFK and then down to Montego Bay...much cheaper and more convenient than our other options. Happy travels!

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