It's an interesting commentary on the human psyche. When you're vacation to a little slice of Jamaican heaven is months and months away, when you have the days to go on a whiteboard and there are those three digits constantly staring back at you, it just seems like they never fall off, it never gets closer.

Once that third digit drops off the count, though...

All of a sudden the days just seem to melt away off the countdown. You find yourself looking at the days left and thinking "that's ALL!" rather than "how many still?!" You start not only planning things for your trip, but actually doing them (can we fit everything for a weeks' trip in one carry-on? Can we stuff a duffel bag in there too, to have room for souvenirs?) You start to feel just a little happier each day, as you watch the countdown seemingly unwind faster and faster and faster.

And, on that note, it's time for the wife and I to go out looking at a possible new piece of luggage, as we only have 87 days until we arrive home to CTI!