Hi, Heading there in a few day for our first trip in a fews years, first time in the Caribbean, first time at an all inclusive, second honeymoon at 24 yrs. You get the idea. Friends have stayed here and been telling us to go for years. Based on posts it sound like some rooms are under renovation. DH never gets to sleep because of kids and dogs and needs the quite and to sleep in. Where would be best if we can? OBOV is our reservation. Friends said G 2nd or third floor if possible. Other ideas?

I also keep reading about changes in mini bar. What are they? Photos show Coke in fridge, is it? If not, can I get lemons or limes for the Pepsi? I am not human with out my Coca Cola in the am.

It was hard to plan this trip and I really want DH to have a great time. He needs it. We need it.

Any help would be great