Hi -

It could be because August is sooooo far away, but we are having second thoughts in the choice we made for a room. We picked the oceanview 1 bedroom suite ( CSS ) but ...most people seem to love the beachfront suites. We've looked over the forums and did a search for the two, but it seems like the Oceanviews always seem to be far away. We like the idea of being close to both beaches, but also like the idea of some peace and quiet with the water too.

Would anyone happen to know if there is a "middle ground" possibly an oceanview that's not tooooooo far away from it all but still be a great oceanview area ???

L and B

P.S. In Canada they have a lot of those "Grace" products - not sure if you can ship them over the border, but all the hot sauces and stuff are always on the shelves.