Hello, me and my fiance are planning our trip to a Couples resort for this December to get married, and we want to book soon just to start getting everything out of the way. Our only problem right now is deciding which place to stay at. CTI, CSS, CN, and CSA all look great and that makes it very hard to choose between them. We've never been to an all inclusive resort before in general, so I'm sure no matter which one we choose will be a great experience for us. We would just like some input from people who know the resorts and if any might be better for what we're going for.

We're going alone and we're getting the free wedding package for just the 2 of us, but we would still like the wedding to be as nice as possible. We like to eat and drink quite a bit, so if any of the resorts have better options than others this would be a big factor for us. We aren't extremely social, we're not really looking to go down and meet people to hang out, we want to spend a week together for our wedding and be relaxed with preferably a mostly private time together more than anything. Also we won't be participating in a lot of the excursions, maybe snorkeling one day and we're hoping to get on one of the Cat. Cruises or boat tours that people seem to enjoy. Besides that we'll be spending most of the week relaxing on the beach and enjoying our first resort together.

With our interests in mind, is there any of the resorts that would stand out as a better option than others? Thanks for any help!