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    My husband and I are planning a trip to Jamaica, we have been to Montego Bay and stayed at another resort. We really enjoyed the tropical drinks they server such as Miami Vice and the Dirty banana and were wondering if the Couples resorts offer the same cocktails. We would appreciate any answers to the cocktails available...Thank you.

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    Those 2 drinks are definitely served at Couples Negril ... Not sure about at the other Couples because in 2009 they didn't have the same drinks at Couples San Souci as we'd had before & since at Couples Negril.

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    Well those are two of the drinks that I enjoyed at CN this past October - so I am guessing that they do share at least some of the same drinks. There might be some specialty or bartender-specific drinks that they might not share though..... I tend to find a couple of drinks and stick to them, so I wasn't as adventurous as most people are, lol! So because of that I couldn't tell you a whole lot about the other drinks Couples resorts have.

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    Those drinks are at every resort in Mexico, so I would assume they will also be all across Jamaica!

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    Yes, they are available at all couples. We have traveled all over caribbean and Mexico and those drinks are everywhere, they are not specific to Jamaica.

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    Oh yes they do! And you have to try the Hummingbird. If you like the two drinks you mentioned, you'll love this one. Enjoy!

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    Hi! Hubby and I are fans of CSS and they have tropical drink menus at the bars so you can select whatever appeals to you. Yes, CSS did serve many Miami Vices, Dirty Bananas, Hummingbirds, and Rum Punch just to name a few! You will not go thirsty for tropical drinks at any Couples Resort!

    One Love!

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    Name it they got it If not tell them how to make it..

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