It was a day I will never forget (although those of you that were there with me might disagree considering all of the rum and hmmm...I had). First I had an incredible 2 hours at the spa which left me feeling relaxed and a little woozy.

Then it was off to the AN beach. All of our friends from the AN beach showed up: Paul and Ruth, Jim and Lauren, Barbara and Chuck and Pam and Jack. We were having kind of a quiet time then Marcel shows up with the body paint. It was all down hill from there. I started drinking my grapefruit juice and rum and things got crazy.

ShelliAnn and Miguel showed up then. There was not a person around the pool that didn't have handprints on their bums. And for me and Ruth, we handprinted the sisters. Then I painted Jeff and put some great handprints on him. I would love to show pics but I don't think they would allow them, might scare some newbies away. All of my friends and my special man made it the best birthday ever. Of course it will take a few days to recover as it is only Sunday.