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    Default CTI Dinner Confusion

    trying to understand the dinner choices at CTI but am not understanding the way its worded

    Dinner: 6:30pm to 10:30pm, closed Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays
    but it looks to me EVERYTHING is closed Mondays? LoL
    60 DAYS !!!!

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    Yep, all closed because it's the resort beach party that night.

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    That's because Monday is the beach party!!! They have an absolute feast sprawled out on the beach, it's fantastic.

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    If you continue reading on that page it explains the special nights at CTI. On Mondays they have a beach BBQ or there is a repeat guest dinner.
    Juell and Andy (Jandy)

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    What is that page?

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    Quote Originally Posted by katesmith View Post
    What is that page?
    Couples Tower Isle Restaurants & Dining | Caribbean Gourmet Cuisine
    Juell and Andy (Jandy)

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    Monday is the Beach Buffet night

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    Beach Party.

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    On mondays there is a beach party...or a managers cocktail party? Something like that. It's a lot of fun! don't worry, you will NOT go hungry. There is always something available. There are only 2 places where you have to make reservations-and you can do that as soon as you get there. Quite literally, you arrive and they hand you some forms to fill out for reservation. You dont have to decide that second but i recomend getting those in quick. Those places fill up..and for good reason. they're freakin delicious!

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    That is correct. Monday is the Beach Party, which is buffet, and also the repeater's dinner.

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    I believe Monday is when they have the beach party & buffet which is the only dinner option on Mondays

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    Yes, because Monday is the Beach party and the repeaters dinner. If you don't want to do the beach party and you are not a repeater, you can order room service, have a casual dinner at the grill or arrange for private dinner (extra cost for the private dinner).

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    Monday is either Repeater Dinner or Beach Party Buffet

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    Is there a dress code for the beach party?

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    no dress code for beach worries mon

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