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Thread: not a fan

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    We agree as we'll, even commented on it in the comment card for CSA. Seems like cruise ship entertainment. Please bring on the reggae! That's why we are there. Not for Whitney Houston etc.....

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    Agreed. This is the one thing that is disappointing, though all of the AI spots do the same thing. If you check out some of the non-AI establishments, you'll find the local flavor. We simply go offsite for our reggae music fix.

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    We have been to CSS and CSA. We found the music and evening entertainment to be much more original at CSS. Pierre if you are reading this - excellent job on the music outside the balloon bar each night. Some was american but each musician seemed to have some unique elements that we enjoyed very much. CSA was a different animal.... more cruise ship in nature, pointer sisters.... and a heck of a lot of yelling "Couples Swept Away, let me hear you" etc into the mic... it got a little camp like. Some really enjoyed that though, it just wasn't our cup of tea.

    Looking forward to dancing under the stars at the ballon bar again this fall!

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