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    Arriving in May and wanting to know what is the majority of swimsuits being worn? (Thong, Brazilian, Bikini)
    And on the main beach is topless sunbathing still an option?

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    Any swimsuit you wish, or wear none and go AN, topless CSS,CN,CSA beaches CTI topless on the pier.

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    There is a large variety of bathing suits worn at each resort. You'll see it all so no matter what you wear you shouldn't feel out of place. Each resort allows topless sunbathing at the beaches, just not at the pools (except Tower Isle pool and sunset beach pool which are AN).
    Susan & Chris
    CTI 2003, 2004
    CSS 2008, 2013!

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    It's Negril, anything and everything. You don't see too many thongs, but it is acceptable. You'll see 1 or 2 topless a day, but again, definately acceptable. It's to each his own (or her own). It's all good! (or all Irie!)

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    Hello Clem, you didn't state which resort you are going to. Wear the swimsuit you are comfortable in. We have only been to CN but you will see some of all with Bikini probably being in the majority. The CN main beach allows topless and the most topless sunbathers seemed to migrate to the left when you are looking out toward the water.

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    Bikini is most seen.
    Not many if any brazilian or thongs I have ever seen there.
    Yes topless sunbathing still allowed on main beach, not poolside.

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    You'll see everything... probably more bikinis than anything else, but not by much. Topless is fine on the beach at CSA, CN and CSS but only on the pier at CTI.

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    Not sure which resort you're going to but wear whatever swimsuit style you like because you will see all kinds ..... You don't see many thongs I will say ..... sometimes none ..... but you can wear one if you like & no one will care. I am speaking mainly about CN, since it is where we go the most, & there is topless sunbathing allowed on the main beach & you will see several ladies doing it on their loungers but they normally do not get up & walk around topless .... Just no topless allowed at the pool.

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    Mostly Bikini, but you see a little of each

    topless is fine on the beach

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    which resort are you referring to. Last year at CTI it was mostly bikinis. No one was topless (except on the au natural island) and i don't recall seeing any thongs on the main beach. I brought 3 bikinis and one one-piece.

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    Mostly bikini or brazilian. Not to many thongs. Of course you can also go over to the au naturel area where you wouldn't have to worry about any swimsuit at all. Topless area is provided at some resorts. Which one are you staying at?

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    Topless on CSA was ok when I was there last year. Mostly bikinis if I thought about it but SKIN on SSB at CSS if you want to pack lightly ahahahaha. Just depends on where you are going.

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    Which resort are you going to its different at all.

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    most of the men on the beach at CSA are topless!

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    I don't think it matters. Wear what you are comfortable with. I bring bikinis but they are halter tops and regular bottoms. We are going to CSS in 3 days. When we were at CN, I went topless. At CSA, I didn't as my parents and in-laws were there (for our wedding).

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    I agree with dot, most of the guys are. Wear what you want, but you might want to stay away from the thongs. By the way, what type of suit is your wife going to wear?

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    Okay. I am totally out of it.....mostly because I don't wear bikinis, but what the heck is a "brazilian" suit? Thanks, I feel disconnected from beachwear.

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    Hi Margi -

    I had to check on this also.

    A Brazilian suit basically has a low-rise bottom....Here's a link to Victoria's Secret: Sexy Cheeky Bikini Bottoms & Brazilian Bikini Swimsuit Styles at Victoria.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Margi View Post
    Okay. I am totally out of it.....mostly because I don't wear bikinis, but what the heck is a "brazilian" suit? Thanks, I feel disconnected from beachwear.
    Thank you for asking this. I did not know either so had to do a Google image search. My day is now a little brighter. I still don't know what it is BTW, but thoroughly enjoyed the internet field trip.

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    As a guy ill try to answer the Brazilian questions as best as i can...basically it is a bikini bottom that covers alot less on the backside..not a thong just covers less. My wife always wears a Brazilian bottom.

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    Just google rio or brazilian beach photos and see what the women are wearing that style is typically your Brazilian swimwear. Minimal back coverage but not completely a thong and very small triangle string tops.

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    Thanks for explaining. I can't wear any of them, but I appreciate knowing what people are talking about.

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    I've only been to San Souci. And I saw no thongs, no "Brazilian", which is not a low rise, as was stated above, but a skinnier in the middle bikini such that more flesh around the middle part is showing. most women were in bikinis. some were in one pieces. i think a lot of it had to do with the shape of the wearers body. if they could flaunt a bikini, they wore it, if they wanted a one piece with a skirt to hide their "junk" they wore it. a pretty conservative crowd. many were pretty well heeled.

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