So we booked a last minute secret rendezvous through Couples a couple of weeks ago for end of this month.
Just happened to check American Airlines seat assignments and see that we have not been assigned seats. Only seats available are two @ $32. each and about a dozen for $68. each. These "premium" seats are the only thing showing as available for assignment. HUH?
So I call and am told repeatedly that there are no "FREE" seats left for our flight. There "should" be seats available but won't be assigned seats until day of flight unless I want to reserve premium seats. Took me three very irate calls talking to no less than six people, including the one that hung up on me, to get assigned our seats. I felt like we paid a premium price for out tickets, we should have confirmed seat assignments.
I felt like they were holding me hostage. If I wanted to pay the dough, I could get an confirmed assigned seat. Otherwise wait and take your chances.
So make sure that you choose your seating assignments while booking your trip. That was definately no fun.