I know it is really Early but wanted to go ahead and start a thread for August 2014. My wife and I renewed or wedding vows last year on Aug 3rd at CN, We stayed from July 31 - Aug 7th and could not be any happier with our vacation. It was 8 days of heaven. We really want to come home this year to CN but we have to many obligations here at our year round home to do it this year. However we are very happy to say we are booked for July 31 - Aug 7th 2014 the same dates we visited on our first trip and will be bringing several other couples with us on this trip. At least one couple that we met while at CN this past year are going and possibly 2 other couples we met while there, then we have 2 other sets of couples that are local friends that may go and one friend of mine from Florida that is booking to go with us as well. So that is 3 couples for sure, and maybe 7 couples going with us total.

Needless to say I am excited to be going home and spending another week in paradise, too bad we have 503 days to wait but who's counting LoL. Anybody else planning to go Aug 2014?