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    Default Saving Palapas and Sun Loungers on Beach

    Does Couples Swept Away have any Policy on Saving sun loungers and palapas. I have read in some reviews that people start placing their towels and books late at night; besides as soon as the beach cleaning machine does its work after 6:00 am. I have been to one resort where they have personnel stopping you from placing anything on the chairs until 7:00 am, unless you are sitting and using them.

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    This is an excellent question and one I haven't seen here before. I'm glad you brought it up. Looking forward to the discussion on this subject.

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    "Reserving" while not using is a sad habit of some vacationers that prevents actual beach goers from using chairs. We saw this at CSA (but not really at the others). We were on the beach one morning at 7:30 and all the palapas had junk under them ("reserving"), but we were the only people on the beach until 8. Came back through after breakfast, midday, early afternoon... Only two palapas had people under them. Ah well, some people just don't get the concept of sharing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LakeTak View Post
    Does Couples Swept Away have any Policy on Saving sun loungers and palapas. I have read in some reviews that people start placing their towels and books late at night; besides as soon as the beach cleaning machine does its work after 6:00 am. I have been to one resort where they have personnel stopping you from placing anything on the chairs until 7:00 am, unless you are sitting and using them.
    Couples used to clear off everything left on chairs at night. I have heard that things have been a bit lax with this of late. I hope they go back to gathering up anything that a guest tries to leave on a chair or under a palapa before going to bed at night or in very early hours of the morning.

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    This question appears often in some form. I asked something similar a few weeks back. Most posters say not to worry about it, there are plenty of loungers (not so many palapas) that can be moved under the palms for shade. Then you read reviews where people say they can't even do that by 9. Recently it seems the floaties might be in short supply too at CSA. Anyway, I don't know what to believe but being as we are already booked and looking forward to our May trip-I guess we will just have to live with whatever we find! I have decided if it is a real issue, I may walk to the watersports desk and ask if an employee can remove items left unattended. I sure hope it doesn't come to that though because who wants to be bothered with that on vacation. So, thanks for repeating the question and I'll be interested to see the answers again. It would be nice to hear from a Couples employee what their suggestions are regarding unattended (saved) beach loungers.

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    We just got home from a week at CSA on Sunday. The resort was apparently about 98% full, and the only facility that seemed to be taxed to the limit was the beach furniture. We are not early risers, and typically did not get to the beach much before noon. We would generally find that all the palapas were occupied by stuff and only a few of them by people. But, ladies and gentlemen, for the first time ever, after only three visits, we did score a palapa one day! On several occasions, we needed to collect loungers and floaties from the length of the beach in order to be able to sit together. Again, the loungers were nearly 100% occupied by stuff but only about 20% by people. It did seem like there were fewer floaties than loungers, as the number of "bare" loungers could not be explained by the number of people in the water with floaties. Would it be nice if we didn't have to round up seating accommodations? Of course. Did we let it bother us? Nope.

    To those who like to hog palapas and/or loungers: you can't "win" CSA beach. If nobody hogged the furniture there would be plenty for everyone, including yourselves!

    To everyone else: CSA is a great place with a fantastic beach. Don't ruin your vacation by fuming about the absentees. Remember where you are, roll with it, and have fun!

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    I've changed my mind on this , from now on if I see loungers with just towels on them that I want , I'm taking them.

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    G&G - When we were at CSS (and SSB) last year there were a couple days were all the floaties were taken but there were open loungers. I asked watersports and they pulled some floaties out of the back area. Don't know if it would work this way at CSA or even if there would have been any spares if they were at capacity. That being said, from now on, if I cannot find what I want at Couples, I'll just ask. So far they have always come through.

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    I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. If stuff on loungers is not attended, I like to think that the owners of said stuff are in the pool, the ocean, or even taking a walk on the beach, and they'll be back soon enough. I am an early riser, usually to a lounger under a tree, palapa or umbrella (after sweet breads and coffee in the room) by about 7-7:30. I would hope to be afforded the same courtesy and not find my stuff moved while I was in the pool, the ocean, or even while I was using the restroom. About 9, I get hungry (for second breakfast) so I pack up, drag my hubby out of bed, and go eat. I do think it's rude to reserve chairs while you're relaxing in your room or having a meal. So I won't do that. But I'm also not going to do anything about it if others do. I like to believe that karma will take care of that.

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    Noooooooooo. Not this subject again. We did see one couple at CSA this year sitting on their towels in the sand together. Now that's an idea.

    Life is good

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    I know there are people who reserve palapas or chaise loungers on the beach and don't seem to use them at CSA. Some of these people are just inconsiderate but not all of them. Try to remember that many people, like myself, enjoy sitting out on my lounger early with a cup of coffee and just soak in the scenery as the resort wakes up. Then I go to breakfast when my wife comes down. It may look like my lounger is not being used but after eating I am back there again. I also usually go for a walk on the beach each day but I am again back in a little while. I think a large problem is that guests do not remove their towels when they finish using the lounger for the day. Couples used to require you to turn in a beach towel to get a new one. This way people kept track of them as they needed them to get a clean dry one the next day. I am not sure what is the best way to deal with this issue but stressing to guest at check in that they should be considerate and remove their towels and belongings when they are done on the beach may go a long way to help with this. Leaving towels etc. on loungers over night to reserve them should never be allowed and that is Couples' fault if it is. Unfortunately, common courtesy is not all that common any more. It can't hurt to remind people though.

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    I just wanted to offer a bit of reassurance to anyone contemplating a first trip to Couples but worried about this issue. At CSA, if you want to play in the "palapa lottery," you're likely to be running around at odd times and end up frustrated more often than not. That's the simple reality when you have a large number of guests and a very small handful of palapas. I don't play that game; I don't need the stress, and I don't need the palapa badly enough to structure my week around trying to secure one.

    But, I have never had trouble finding a pair of lounge chairs and a pair of floaties (I've been there in April, July, and December). Sure, on occasion we have to drag them together and/or move them around if we want better shade or sun at a particular time, but this has never been a serious problem. The beach is more than big enough for the size of the resort, so once you have your chairs, it's easy to find that "perfect" spot for them. And if you don't want to drag them yourself, a staff member is pretty likely to wander by to help. Note that this applies to those seeking shade as well. Sure, you probably won't have chairs under a palapa, but you will be able to find a shady spot if that's what you're seeking.

    Aside from that, I do agree with the comments that we shouldn't be taking it upon ourselves to move other people's stuff. On the one hand, everyone should be able to step away for a bit without losing their spot; you shouldn't have to clear out to take a swim, wander over to a bar for a drink, go back to the room for a few minutes, etc. I'm even fine with people going to get breakfast or lunch without moving everything (though I know others disagree and consider this an "extended absence").

    On the other hand, there is no reason not to clearly vacate the area once you're done or are leaving for an extended time so that other people can use the chairs. Taking a three-hour walk down the beach and back? There's no reason to "save" chairs. If everyone took the time to "clear out" when they were leaving for a long time, nobody would ever have to worry about dragging chairs around to get them where they want them. (The big offense here seems to be leaving towels on the chairs, since it is impossible to know whether the chairs are still be used or whether they've been vacated.)

    Finally, one comment that I've seen in many other threads on this subject. Nobody needs more than one chair. The only way to really run out of chairs is when this happens, and some people decide they want to "reserve" both "sun" and "shade" chairs. Seriously, people, if you want to spend some time in the shade and some in the sun (which is completely understandable, by the way), move your chairs around (or get someone to help you move them).

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    At SSB last week it was packed. Coming down to the beach at 7:30am, all the papala spots were reserved with nobody there. Most of the time people would show up and use them but 1 day a couple had 2 longers under a papala and spent the entire day at the pool. They came back for 2 min. during the day to check on their stuff and went back to the pool. I think that is bad form! It's a difficult thing to police. We left our stuff and went for lunch, returning to the same spot, so I can see it both ways. Also a pet peeve was to see people take a floatie off the only 2 empty loungers to go in the ocean instead of using the one on the lounger they were occupying.

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    CSA has added additional loungers over the years. There was a time when there just weren't enough loungers (taking into consideration that they do break and several will be out of service at any given time). This January, we tried really, really hard not to reserve loungers before we actually were going to use them. For 3 straight days, we got to the beach around 10:00 and spent 20 or more minutes searching for loungers with floaties on them (the loungers are not nearly as comfortable without the floaties). We are early risers, but we do a lot in the morning - long workouts, breakfast, etc. By the fourth morning, I had had it. I put our stuff on two loungers at 7:00 before I headed over to the gym. So, yes, *gasp*, our chairs sat unused for a full 3 hours on those mornings. There are resorts that we go to that have plenty of comfy loungers for their guests. Or some even have loungers assigned for each room. And we do appreciate those resorts a lot.

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    Must be a time of year thing as far as loungers go. We go in October to Couples Swept Away have never had a problem getting loungers with floaties on them, and we are definitely not out early. The palapas are still all reserved but we don't even think about those because we know they will be. At Couples Negril in February, they don't have palapas, it is high season with a full resort and once again we never have had an issue with finding chairs with floaties. Matter of fact there are usually rows of chairs on the beach that are empty and not reserved, but I do notice the pool area is not this way. I will say, and I am sorry, that I have been guilty of grabbing a floatie off an unused lounger that was next to me knowing it has not been in use while I was in mine, not thinking that someone may want to sit in it while I am in the water. Never gave that a thought and will refrain from doing that in October. All in all is good mon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobandJudy View Post
    Or some even have loungers assigned for each room.
    Now that's an idea. But, there could be other issues.

    Life is good

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    Surely if CSA is, mostly judging by the size of the swimming pools, a beach resort then there should be enough loungers/floaties for all guests. I don't mind walking to find a couple of loungers, just so long as I can find some.As for guests reserving 2 loungers in the shade and 2 in the sun - pure selfishness!

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