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    Default One Love Bus Bar Crawl?

    I see this mentioned in numerous threads, can someone please tell me what this is?

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    A guy named Lenbert owns a bus or two and he picks up people who have signed up and he stops at local bars up on the cliffs that don't get alot of tourist business. You stay for a half hour to fourty five minutes and visit 6or7 bars. The crawl is free but you should tip Lenbert. We are going for the first time in April and we are being picked up about 230 and getting dropped of back at csa around 630. There are reviews and pictures on Tripadvisor if you are interested.

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    One Love Bus Bar Crawl Reviews - Negril, Westmoreland Parish Attractions - TripAdvisor
    go trip advisor link (try above).
    Take your main squeeze, all your rowdy friends, jump on the bus, and do a pub crawl in Negril for about 4-5 hrs. (until sunset).
    Sounds like about $100 for 2 if your drinking at each spot and food occasionally, plus tip for driver (Lenbert). Very highly regarded by all who have done it. Going next Sunday,can hardly wait.

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    We did this crawl in November and it was truly a highlight. We met some great locals, saw some fantastic little pubs. In fact, we were so comfortable that we are looking at spending 4 days on either 7 mile beach or the cliffs at a non-all inclusive before going home to CN this November. And if you get a chance, have the pizza at Bella Donna's......fantastic, it must have been the peppers.

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    We did this in December and it was very fun and we recomend it. It gives you a glimpse of the real Jamaica. We were picked up at 2:30 at CSA. The bus is very nice and air conditioned with a TV in the front playing Bob Marley video's. We had a full bus and I sat on my husbands lap most of the trip. We stopped at about 8 or 9 bars and were there for about 30-45 minutes. The few names I can remember were Mi Yard, Bumba, Jenny's (country bar!) and Choices. One place had some food that the owner had made and put out that could have for $5 for a plate and a drink or beer. The last bar we went to was not overlooking the sea, but was very fun. They had live music and it was a large place. It cost us about $100 for 2 drinks at every bar, food at that one place and tipped Lenbert $20. We felt very safe the whole time and everyone was lovely. At one stop we got to walk down into the caves. It was very neat. We were back about 7 or so.

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    FYI--If you have 8 people Lenbert will do a private trip which my husband and I did in Feb. We responded to a post on this board from a party of 6 that needed 2 more. It was perfect we ended up with about 15 people. Lenbert is a great guy--helps out local youth etc. I highly recommend the trip--I think most couples tip him at least 20.00 or more--well worth it

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    It was a lot of fun, but be ready for a very crowded bus. He either needs a bigger bus, or another bus. But, that's because it's popular! I suggest you bring about $6,000 Jamaican for 2 people, as most of the bars give change in that currency.

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    Is this offered on the Ocho Rios side?

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    Thanks everyone! We are booked, so one last question... $20/couple or $20/each? We just want to make sure we are on the same page as everyone else.

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    $20/per couple is size varies...last time we did it in May only 6 couples. They have added more days, I know in April he is doing 3 days per week. Such a great time, we will never miss it.

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    We did this last July. It was one of the highlights of the trip. We felt very safe and Lenbert is a wonderful host. He shows you the real Negril and we met many wonderful locals. Don't miss this. Hoping to return to Negril this summer and will be sure to do it again.

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    did it twice last month, what a blast

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    Quote Originally Posted by tmulligan12 View Post
    Is this offered on the Ocho Rios side?

    I would like to know this as well? Anyone have knowledge of a similar pub crawl from CSS?
    CSS 5/21-5/31/13
    CSS 4/12-4/24/15

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    sorry I don't, this one stays in Negril

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    We leave next week on the 8th for CSA for our weddingmoon. This just got added to our 'things to-do' list!!!! Thanks for the info and link

    Gina & Jason

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    Also, I've read that for the One Love Bus tour it's best to take Jamaican currancy over Amercican, since any change you receive back will be in JA $$. Is it better to convert some here in the states, or do it there? If it's there, where? Does the resort have a currency exchange thing? Thanks for you help mon

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    Just bring small bills, ones and fives. Most beers were 3 or four bucks. They all take us dollars.

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    it's way cheaper paying in Ja $$ and CSA has an exchange for sure

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    Had a great time , would do it again. We set aside a seperate money envelope with $50 in ones, the rest in $5's & $10's just for the bar crawl & tips. This assures you of not getting J currency back instead of US dollars. Great time with great people. Thanks Rach & Erik.

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    did it twice last month, what a blast
    how do you book this trip?

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    You can change money at the airport when you arrive

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