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    Gail and Matt,

    I just went to the link posted. Out of the first 30 reviews, there were only 2 one dot reviews. All the others were 3 or better.

    Just FYI from what I said earlier and the reason I said it. Can you fined any other instance where it is 28 to 2 in the other direction?
    I was not just referring to the one dot reviews. I was taking in everything the people were saying whether 1 dot or better. There were many of the same complaints mentioned over and over throughout a few weeks of reviews. The same negatives were also mentioned on here as well by many repeaters who in the past gave CSA wonderful reviews. But honestly, we sat back and reviewed the complaints and if these things happened to us while we were there, we would still have an awesome time. We are not big drinkers who have certain alcohol brands we favor. Realize and feel completely comfortable in the "rustic" room appeal. Would not get offended if a smile is not immediately returned. Understand we are on Jamaican Time and things run a little slower as we should, too. And some of the other things that are not even important enough for me to remember! Just needed a little time to think it over and come to the conclusion of what exactly is important to us. These reviews are actually good because it will weed out the people who are not true Couples Swept Away kind of people. Never been, but it seems to me Couples celebrates the Jamaican way and culture and that is not for everybody obviously. Hurry up September! Take Care!

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    just returned from our 3rd trip to CSA and it just keeps getting better, relax no problem Mon

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    We resemble one of those couples that will be meeting SonoftheBeach... our 11th time to SweptAway. One of the best descriptions of SweptAway I've seen is that it's got a "bohemian" tropical bungalow feel. The rooms are branded as suites... but they're not. They are quite spartan... a place to sleep and store your stuff... with better than adequate lavatory/shower facilities and great verandahs with better views... all placed close by to the azure waters of the Caribbean along the best damn stretch of beach in the world. You don't want some of dat? Then go someplace with lux and snoot. There are a couple of places up the beach that offer butler service... maybe that's more your speed!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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