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    Default Questions on Private Dinner and Marriage Certificates

    We finally booked our first Couples trip to CSS for December, it feels too far away! We like to get a lot of things accomplished as early as we can, and want to have as much information as possible as well. I have 2 non-related questions that I'm sure quite a few people can answer.

    1. How extensive is the menu on the private dinner? We are debating what we want our dinner plans to be on our wedding night (a Thursday), and it seems a lot of people are very happy with the private dinner. The only issue for us, my fiance is a borderline picky eater. She eats a bit of a variety of different foods, but she doesn't eat any seafood whatsoever and tends to eat a lot of things fairly plain (no peppers, onions, mushrooms, or actually not many vegetables or fruits at all besides potatoes). We want our wedding day to be perfect, and I've heard from the little reviews I've seen that the private dinner menu has very very few options at all.

    2. Marriage Certificates. We are getting married on December 5th, and we're wondering what is necessary to do for tax purposes next year since the certificate takes weeks and up to months to reach us after we arrive back in Pennsylvania. I know that you don't need your certificate to file taxes together, but if the IRS for any reason needs proof of the marriage, it says the certificate must be dated prior to the last day of the previous year (2013), so is the certificate itself going to be dated for the day we get married, December 5th, even though we won't be receiving it until possibly months later? I'm really in the dark about the entire marriage process, we're fairly young (25 & 26) and neither of us have been married previously, and surprisingly I haven't been able to find many answers doing searches on the web.

    Thanks for any help in advance, can't wait to be at the resort in less than 9 months!

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    I can only help you with the first question, sort of. The menus range from having a ton of choices (mine had about 10 entrees on it) to only having two which I've heard from others. But if you tell them that your wife has special preferences they will make every effort to accommodate you! The chefs are magical that way - they want to please everyone!
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    You will be married as of the date of the marriage. Your certificate will reflect that. You should have no problem filing taxes. You will have a copy of the certificate when you leave Jamaica, however, the sealed will take abut 12 weeks.

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