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    Default Just booked CSA!! Share your tips and fun things to do please! :)

    We booked CSA on Monday for a stay 10/6-10/13!! It will be our first visit to Jamaica and to the Couples resorts (we've stayed at Secret Capri the last 3 years) anyhow I've looked at photos and read some forums on here and TA and have seen a few suggestions but was wondering if I can ask if you all that have stayed at CSA can recommend things to see/do at CSA that I wouldn't know about being a newbie. Any tips or must do things I would love to hear about! Any special spots? Special meals? Drinks? What to pack/not to pack etc. Everything is welcome! We booked the Atrium room as I love hammocks and it was calling me to book it lol! Can't wait for relaxation! Thanks in advance!!

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    Just stay on and read the boards. Also, go to Trip Adviser, and hit the travel forum under Negril, at the Swept Away site.

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    We didn't take the time to eat at Lemongrass the first 2 visits. This past trip in January we did.........boy did we miss out the first 2 times !!! Wanted to book it again, but it was filled. It will be our first booking for dinner next January. Visit the Martini Bar before dinner as well. We walked to Margarittaville for lunch. It only takes about 6-7 minutes to walk. We enjoyed it for a short visit. Wouldn't stay there all day and pay for drinks, but lunch and a drink is fine. We did the dinner on the beach in the past. Really enjoyed that. Others can probably tell you more things to do at the resort.........we love to spend our time on the beach all day, and we haven't stayed out late. But that's ok, we're up early the next day enjoying the beach. It's all about what you want to do on your vacation.
    I know there have been many posts about CSA going down in service, food, rooms, drinks etc. But I have to say that we are pleased with everything and have not experience the negative aspects others have mentioned........ love CSA !

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    Check through many of the other threads on here to find many other answers to your questions. I will start with your flight. Have a pen to fill out your customs form on the plane. Pack shorts and flip flops in your carry on so when you get to the Couples Lounge you can change into them for the trip. Have $1 per bag on you to tip to the baggage handlers who take your bags to the bus.

    At CSA first book your dinners at Feathers and Lemongrass Restaurants after checking in. These are the ones you need reservations for and may want to come again. The Lionfish at Feathers was very good. Also ask for your choice of liquors to be stocked in your mini bar. (you are a first timer so I don't know if you pre register or not?)
    Go on the resort tours they offer each day. You learn a lot and meet people right away.
    Have a bathing suit and sunscreen handy in your bag so you can head to the beach in case you arrive early and the room is not ready. Book your first sunset catamaran cruise now as well.
    Fish tacos and chips at Sea Grapes Cafe
    Snorkeling is booked a day ahead at the water sports shed. Go in the morning for calmer waters and try to go to the "Mexico" site.
    Put out your order card each day for room service delivery of coffee and fruit to eat on your balcony or patio.
    Your chaise lounge pad is a wonderful float.
    That flag next to your lounge is to stick in the sand to get drinks.
    Terrific banana French toast in the morning at Patois Restaurant.
    Daily smoothies and fresh fruit at Sea Grapes Cafe.
    Check out the sports center across the street and have a health drink there.
    When out in the water on a calm day go just beyond your waist and start looking down to find some live starfish on the bottom!
    Drinks...rum mon! Or anything else you want. They have menus at each bar to help you. BBC, Dirty Banana, daiquiri, Miami Vice, pina collada, rum punch...on and on. are in Jamaica...respect.

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    You will love CSA. Start your stay with the orientation tour. You will meet staff and guests and get a flavor of the property. Sample all the restaurant offerings as they each have something special to offer. The tasting for 2 appetizer at Lemongrass is a must, as is the dessert sampler at Feathers. Try the continental breakfast from room service. Be sure to have some Sangsters rum cream either straight up or on the rocks. Reach out and get to know the staff. They appreciate your kindness and will give you the same in return. Walk 7 Mile Beach both ways and absorb the local culture. Take in some of the nightime offerings, especially The Silverbirds. They are amazing. Be sure to cross the street and take advantage of the wonderful spa, the Smoothies, the jacuzzi behind the pool/spa. Take out a Hobie Cat and book the Catamaran. Visit the Piano Bar and Ultimate Chocolate. Sit at the bar in Patois and share a drink and conversation. Play some bocci or volleyball. Find what makes CSA special for you.
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    look up the One Love Bus Crawl on Trip Advisor, this is a must if you really want to see Negril

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