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    Default Booking thru the Couples website

    Just wondering if anyone has booked their vacation thru the couples website?

    could you tell me if it was a good experience or bad.....did you get the room you wanted? did everything go ok at check in?? did you book your air also or seperate??

    i'm trying to decide whether to book thru couples website or go thru a travel agent

    any info would be greatly appreciated =]

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    We booked through the Couples website no problems booking and paying . We haven't been there yet but I can answer that part in a couple of weeks . We booked our own flights because I wanted to wait and get in on a seat sale . Booked the resort in Oct. and waited until Christmas when the sales were on to book our flight . I never use a travel agent or travel booking websites you get better service I think dealing directly and alot of times better prices . Website companies never have as many rooms available then going direct . BTW we saved over $400.00 on our flight by waiting . But I'm some people will answer & say they swear by the like expedia . I've heard to many horror stories about how the screwed up people trips to ever use them .

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    I have booked through couples twice now. The first trip all was perfect. The second trip I leave for in 12 days! I booked air separately on both trips because I booked too far in advance.
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    We have always booked with a travel agent (you don't pay them). We find they have the best service/insurance/ payment plan/best price guarantee and in all my years of researching prices I've never found them to be more expensive than anyone else for what we want. Just my experience, I like to feel like I have someone directly to deal with for any questions/issues with my trips. But everyone has different ways of booking! Just as long as you do your homework I'm sure you'll be good!

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    I have always used a travel agent. After I get my trip booked I go to the resort site and compare and don't see any higher prices going with a travel agent. I have actually saved some money using them. The reason I use the T.A. is they do all the work and I get a great trip with no headaches.

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    We've booked through the website twice. The first time we included the flight but the second we booked early to take advantage of a promotion but the flights were not yet available. When the flights became available we found that Couples was competitive so I just called and they added the flight for us. It was too simple.

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    We always book our trip with Couples. On our way back for the seventh year in a row. Couples offers a price guarantee (keep checking their deals) and the best trip insurance if you take it when booking. We booked our air seperately and have not tried to do it through Couples so I am not sure if there is an advantage on that. The staff at Couples has always been very helpful and although they do not guarantee room choices you can ask them to include your choice in your reservation and they will try to accomodate you. At least they have for us. We remind them a few days before our trip as well. We have not had any problems.

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    Have booked through couples the last few times and got the best deal and final payment is much later than others

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    We always book through Couples. Never any problems. If a better deal comes up just call them and get the booking changed. We always get our own flights as we book so early to get the good deals. I also like to shop around for good flight times and prices, even if that means different airlines out and back.

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    Booked our next trip through a travel agent. Cheaper insurance and you can usually get a discount. Saved $150 for my trip.

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    We always book directly with Couples. We've done it at the Hotel, via email or a simple call to the 1(800) COUPLES number. Never a problem. Good luck.

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    I have booked both the air and resort room through the Couples website. They actually had the best airfare at the time. We just got back from that trip and had no problems. Once you book the airfare with them, it goes directly to the carrier so any issues you might have, you need to contact the carrier directly. I just had to go online and pick our seats after the reservation was confirmed for our flights. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. No issues with the room when we arrived either. I have always booked our vacations on my own. Have never used a travel agent.

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    I have used travel agents and they have always beat the posted couples price.
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    We have used couples to book four trips used the love away plan and have had no issues. So for we have always gotten the category room that we booked. Airfare we book later and have just done on the airline website again no issues.

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    We have booked through couples three times. We booked air separately.
    No problems, we got the room we wanted, no problems with check-in.

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    I've booked directly for several years now. You can't request a specific room, but I have always received the room category I booked. I've never been disappointed. One thing to be aware of....depending on the rules of your financial institution, you might be assessed an International Transaction Fee of about 1%.

    I always book my air separately.

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    I just booked through Orbitz. Reason being, with their coupon codes, it was cheaper than booking directly with Couples, and you can cancel (hotel only booked) up to 4 days before leaving, so not to much of a huge thing to have insurance then. I normally prefer to book directly with the hotel, however with the discount and cancellation policy, I chose to go this route. Hopefully it all works out, I've used Orbitz before with no problems.

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    Just to add to everyone's comments, what I liked about booking directly thru Couples, you can be assured of getting any bonus they are offering (IE: Currently a $300 credit). Your deposit is fully refundable up to 45 days before your trip, so if you see a better deal thru a TA, after booking, you can go that route.

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    We always seem to get the cheapest deal booking through Couples but we do check the Internet and local travel agent. This year we saved a couple hundred dollars between resort and trip insurance price. We always book air separate

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    We used Expedia because it ended up saving us about $300 for both!

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    I have booked all trips, 5 actual and 6 and 7 already booked through the couples web site. No problems. If you see a cheaper deal, they will meet it if legit and you can show it to them. Also goes for their own Wednesday specials. I always book my air fare separate though. I like to shop the fares and booking my couples trip at least a year or more out, the airlines can't post fares more then 321 days out. With all of that said, I would not have any issue booking with a reputable web site or travel agent, I just like the convenience of reading the boards and then booking my room from the same site. Is good mon!

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    First off you book a room category..rooms are only given once you arrive .I have booked two times thru Couples and once with a travel agent..basically same price as they get the same promos.I nlike being able to book ahead and pay a hundred bucks a month..painless

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