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    Default CN- Rooms and Red Flag service

    My wife and I (age 38) have been to Sandals Mobay twice, but this time after alot of research we decided to try CN for our 15 yr annivesary. I am really excited about what I have heard about CN. We are going July 8-13. In summary I have heard all the rooms are the same and it is a matter of suite vs deluxe and either Beachfront, Oceanfront, or Garden?
    Are the Bathrooms in the suites big, jacuzzi?
    We are not the AN type so probably staying away from building 9.
    Plus I heard to get rooms on the 3rd flr for view and noise? Any corrections to this?
    I like my drinks flowing, what about the red flag service is the red flag service worth it? If so, how do sign up for it?

    Any additional info is appreciated.

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    You will love the resort. Red flag service is very easy, just grab a red flag on your way to the beach. They are usually located around the self serve liquor station in the middle of the beach area. We have always stayed on the first floor, I don't handle steps well, and have never been bothered by noise. We stayed in building 8 once, 9 twice and 4 once. Building 9 we stayed in the garden suite which is on the far end from the AN area and was fantastic. We decide to go back to the cheapest rooms so we could save money to apply to air fare and/or longer stays. The bathroom in the suites are huge, but I don't remember if it is a jacuzzi tub, I am a shower person and loved the rain head shower which is separate from the tub. We loved our last stay which was the one in building 4, a garden deluxe room right across from the tennis courts and nurses station. Sitting on the patio I could see a portion of the beach and it was so tranquil. I hope when we go back in 214 days we will get the same room again. Hope this helps.

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    You will love CN! We have been in all of the rooms but we have decided we like the Garden View room the best. We spend no time in the room, but if you want a Jacuzzi you will need to book a suite. We have never had an issue with noise. The bathroom is on the road side and we have never been bothered by noise. We much prefer the second floor, you are in the canopy of the trees, but can still see all of the gardens. Remember you can make a request, but they will not guarantee it a floor or a particular room, but they will try.
    Don't rule out the AN. Try it, it will be your little secret and who knows, you might like it!
    Red Flag service is included in your stay.
    Also, if you go to the home page, go to CN, scrole down and look for the accommodations, you can see what each room has and see what they look like.
    Have fun!

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    We have stayed all over the resort and like it all. I just let them put me somewhere. I am so happy to be there, I don't care what room it is. As for the red flag service, There is no signing up. This is just all part of the experience. You don't pay extra for it. This is included. Oh I am getting excited about going back. Be excited, be very excited!

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    CN is nothing like the S resort, flag service is include ,same price, nothing to sign just find a flag and you're in. I've talked to people who have stayed at S before, to many up-charges service levels , one price everyone's the same at Couples.( Don't even think about tipping) Rooms are nice and clean, beds are wonderful!!
    It's kind of a non-issue since you don't spend much time there anyway. Go relax, enjoy, and see why we all are addicted to Couples.

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