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    We live in a small town in Ontario. Today a most devastating event occurred in our community. A family of four including mom,dad, and their two teenage sons perished in a house fire. Their oldest son was away at university and now has to deal with this tremendous loss. I don't usually post something other than answers to questions by other message boarders but knowing how caring everyone on this board is I just felt the need to post this. Just give your family a little extra hug this Easter weekend.

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    How very hard to hear. I can tell you are shocked and bereaved by just knowing of this event, so please be kind to yourself this week. Am logging off to hug my teenagers now - thanks for the reminder to count my blessings.

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    Thank you brennie for giving us a reminder of what's really important in our lives! My heart goes out to this young man who has to deal with the loss of his family.

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    our prayers will be with them this easter

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    Prayers for this family. Appreciate what you have each day!
    Pam and Ron

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    Our thoughts & prayers are w/them, your community, as well as you & yours Brennie. xoxox Razzl

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