Well, let me start by saying that I'm a long time lurker. And by long time I mean about 3 years now.

My fiance and I had reluctantly and tentatively decided on the another resort for our upcoming honeymoon this October. Even after deciding, I always ended up back on the Couples website, perusing the photos and message board with a heavy sense of longing in my heart. As a true beach lover, I've always yearned for that crystal clear, amazingly blue water you see in photos. After having some really strange dreams this past month almost nightly and then talking with my fiance, I knew my intuition had been right all along.

Last night we officially booked our honeymoon at CSA from Oct 14-21 in an OVS, and I could not be happier. We're so excited to experience Jamaica together for the first time at Couples.

Any suggestions for us? Must-see places, must try dishes or drinks (the banana stuffed french toast is #1 on my list as I love all things banana), awesome excursions, anything in particular that you would like to share? As excited as I am about our wedding, I'm about 10 times more excited for the honeymoon! Crazy, I know, but nothing makes me happier than traveling.