Hi all, lately I've posted my email and offered up pics and videos from csa and once in a while I'll get a request. So back in feb, march I got an email from a nice guy from Wisc and I thought we hit it off, me being from mn and all. Anyway we emailed back and forth off and on for weeks. Us being multiple repeaters, I'm kind of obsessed with couples and csa. Tri p #5 in 10 days. So needless to say I was very excited for him and his wife for their first trip to csa. I was hoping for a little review when they returned , hoping everything went well . Not a peep! All I was looking for is a we had fun or if not, what happened. I can just speculate that things didn't go well.
We are so looking forward to the 13th, I'm getting giddy, and did our pre checkin.
Sorry Craig from Wisc if things weren't what I described, I try my best and I am honest . Like I always say, csa isn't perfect but we can't wait to return.