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    Default Jamaican Rum and Customs

    I have seen some information regarding the following concern, but some of the replies are dated...

    We will be heading to CTI in May-June and will have connecting flights. In a previous trip to CSA we had a non-stop flight and purchased our Jamaican rum at the duty free liquor post at the airport. I am concerned about making a purchase at the airport and then having the airport take it away at customs.

    On a connecting flight, will we receive our checked bags at the first stop and be able to put it in the checked luggage?

    I feel silly asking, but I just want to make sure.


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    Yes, at your first stop you can put into checked bags.

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    It isn't customs that would take it away, it has to met the 3 oz rule to go through TSA again to get to your connecting flight. You get your bag after immigration so you can put it in your baged to be checked. Just leave alittle room; I think they reweigh them....

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    They definitely re-weigh them We had this experience and had to do some shuffling around!

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    Incase you are wondering you DO NOT have to pay for the checked bag again.

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    On our way home from CTI we had a stop over in Atlanta. We had to go through customs there. After clearing customs, you collect your luggage and take it over to your connecting flight. That's when we put our bottles into our luggage. To my knowledge it was never even weighed again.

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    Does anyone know how much alcohol you can bring back? Its been 7 years since we've been out of the country. Just need to know how much room I need to leave in my suitcase

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    We just got back from CN...I bought some cream rum at the resort to use up my credits..I payed 26.00 per bottle...then when i got to the airport we had plenty of time...sunshine liquor has sangsters..the other duty free does can bring back unlimited cream rum and the pack it for you...14.00 per bottle...when we got to Atlanta we picked up our bags at customs and after clearing we put it in our checked luggage...I don't believe our bags were weighed again because we were not charged extra..

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    1 littler per person, more then that you have to pay tax but there is no federal restrictions on how much you can bring back. If you bring back large amount customs my require that you have TTB import liscens, because you might be selling it.

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    The duty-free shops at Montego Bay (and indeed at most airports) is on the "sterile" side of the security checkpoints. Therefore, there are no issues with purchasing. You will need your passport and boarding pass to purchase alcohol.

    We routinely bring back two or three bottles for each of us. I believe that the duty-free limit, however, is two per person, and one of those must be manufactured in any of the Caribbean Basin countries. We have yet to be taxed extra for our carry-backs. By the way, unless things have changed, there is no limit or duty (other than weight and commercial amounts) due on low alcohol items such as Sangster's Rum Cream.

    As of last year, you were allowed to carry them on to your flight out of Montego Bay. You must, however, place them into your check bags when you reclaim them. I've not seen them re-weighed at Atlanta, Charlotte or Detroit... that doesn't mean they don't, I've just never seen them do it, and I've never been charged a second time. If your first port of call in the US is your home-base airport, you're not necessarily off the hook. You might still need to transfer the stuff into your checked luggage as a matter of policy, depending on your airport; silly, yes, but not all that big an inconvenience.

    Hope that helps.

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    We just returned yesterday and went to Sunshine duty free store in the airport. The sign in the store says you are allowed 2 liters of alcohol duty free per passenger. We had a direct flight so we didn't have to worry about re-packing it in our luggage for the connecting flight.

    Since they pack 3 liter size bottles in one carry box, we purchased 3 bottles and used the box as one carry-on item. I was able to put the box in the overhead compartment on the plane.

    Do not buy rum before you get to the airport, it will be much cheaper there and they box it nicely.

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