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    My fiance and I are booked and ready to go to CN for our honeymoon in November. Any advice for 1st timers on how to make the best of our trip...things we must do and things to stay away from? Thanks! Jen

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    Do the cat cruise, eat at otahiete, have as much fun as possible. Skip Margaritaville, you can go to the one in the airport. Enjoy yourself and have a great time!!!!!!!!!

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    Just relax and enjoy yourselves, you will need it after the wedding. All the restaurants were great but we liked Lychee the best, but try all the restaurants and bars, variety is what the whole thing is about. The night snorkel was fun, but don’t bother with the camera as nothing came out. The shopping trip was fun for us. I know some didn’t enjoy it all that much but it was nice to get out of the resort for a while – just stay where the guides tell you. We found we should have waited to buy most of souvenirs there, the things that you only buy once, and then the rum and coffee at the airport. Try the coffee, my husband and I will only buy blue mountian coffee now. The glass bottom boat tour was interesting, but wouldn’t have been the same without captain Shrek, that’s one thing we wouldn’t do again, we would do the day snorkel instead. The Cat cruise looked like a blast but we didn't get a chance to go. Enjoy your trip.

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