Hi All,

My wife and I just booked our trip for our first anniversary to Couples Negril/Sans Souci for next April. We are wanting to book TimAir to transfer us from Negril to Sans Souci on April 26, 2014. I have spoken with TimAir, and confirmed that we can split the cost between anyone wanting to fly from Negril to Sans Souci, AND anyone wanting to fly from Sans Souci to Montego Bay that day. The flight from Negril to Sans Souci is 40 minutes, instead of a 3 hour bus ride. The flight from Sans Souci to Montego Bay is about 20 minutes, instead of a 1.5hr bus ride. As of right now, the cost is a little over $800. If we can get full planes both ways, that would drop the cost to a little over $100 each. They are also getting me information on a larger 7 passenger plane, which might be able to drop the cost per person even farther. This is a great opportunity to see Jamaica like never before, and to be able to spend those extra hours on resort, instead of in a bus. If anyone is interested (those that have already booked this far in advance, that is...) please reply to this thread and let me know, so we can start making arrangements. Thanks so much!

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