Hello to all couples on the message board!!

My fiance' and I are counting down the days until we arrive at CTI...only 49 more to go!! We are planning the trip for our honeymoon and we are so excited!!

Few questions though..
I know others have probably asked these same questions a million times, so just bare with me...

The big question is WHAT TO PACK?!?!? I keep reading people talk about the dress codes at certain restaraunts and it makes me nervous that me or my fiance' will not pack the right shoes or something and we won't be able to eat!! I'm usually a flip flop and tank top kind of girl, but i'm not sure if that would fly in some restaurants! And what about the future hubby...what kind of clothes and shoes should he pack? And if anyone could recommend any other little things that you might have wished you brought but didn't, please let me know!!! I'm all about planning things ahead of time and packing early, so I want to make sure i'm on top of things! Like for instance, should I bring my flat iron and hair dryer, or do most women do the au-natural look? I need help!!!

Also, is room service included if we decide to stay in one day and don't want to go out to eat?? With planning a wedding and buying a house, we will be exhausted by the time we get there! I just want to make sure we have options if we want to take a day to relax.

And speaking of relaxing...is there a limit on the alcohol or a time frame of when we can get our "free" drinks? I'm usually not a big drinker, but now we can use the excuse, "we're on vacation" if I want a rum-runner in the morning!!

Also, we are going to be at CTI for about 6 days so I would like to get an idea of how much cash we need to bring, who gets tipped, how much and who doesn't??? I don't want to seem rude and not tip someone I was supposed to or vice versa.

Ok enough of the questions now!! I would love to hear from all you CTI veterans though to get your input!!!

Thank you!!!!