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    Default Just returned from CSA 4/4 thru 4/11

    Hello All,

    Let me start by saying we had another fabulous vacation #7 Bad news is we arrive home last night at 11:30 and we are currently having a sleet storm

    Now about the trip.
    We went Thursday because we thought traveling mid week would be better than weekend that was true for some things but not other.
    At airport Arrival was about the same a 1 hr wait in immigration and then 15 min for the rest (next year we will probably do Mobay club for arrival. Departure was a breeze.

    Checkin was fine we did not get our favorite room which is first floor beachfront (I am not saying which one because I do not want everyone else to fall in love with it) but did get room 2231 which is second floor beachfront and it was fine, same room just on 2nd floor different view of ocean.

    Food as always fabulous!!!!!!!! Chef Clayton at Feathers was awesome we love his coconut shrimp. Love breakfast at Palms sitting poolside and Patois has great banana french toast. Lunch at Seagrapes 5 out of 7 days and then dinner at Lemongrass which is always wonderful, Feather and the Palms yummy.

    We love the beach for many reasons mostly because I have a bad leg and it is very easy for me to get in and out of. LOVE the floats we bring a rope and tie ourselves to the buoy rope and float without having to hold on, talk about lazy We did have one issue this year and that is ANTS that BITE now before you go crazy they fall off the trees with the broad leaves so just don't sit under those trees and you will be fine. We did not realize it until the 4th day so we came home with quite a few itch bites.

    All in all another great trip and now that we retired this year not sure if we can afford to go back next year but if we can we definitely will

    I hope you all enjoy your trips coming up.

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    We arrive thursday morning...curious what time you arrived and had the hour wait?

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    Never thaught of bringing a rope, LOVE IT!!!!

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    Our plane landed Thursday at 1:30 An yes the rope is an awesome thing we love it

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