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    Default Live from CN! 4/11-19

    Let's see if I can give least I will try!

    Early flight out of JFK, TimAir, pool bar by 11:45 a.m. (I will sign up for that every time!). Met my dad & his wife on the beach. We have already said "hello" to so many friends - Carlos from entertainment, Jovaine from water sports, Franklin & IvyLynne (you know where!), Lyndon at the beach bar. It is truly special to be home again.

    I hope to be able to keep you posted. Until the next time, irie!.

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    Would love to have more updates! Keep them coming!

    Do you by any chance know if Shrek (Ashrayne), England (Keneil) and Stevie from watersports are still there? I heard a rumour that Shrek was gone, please say it isn't so! We spend a lot of time near the watersports hut (hubby is an avid windsurfer & standup paddleboarder) and we love those guys ... we'll be back "home" in 2 weeks and we're hoping to see them again!

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    Rise up this mornin',
    Smiled with the risin' sun,
    Three little knocks
    It was room service
    Bringing sweet fruit
    And banana bread pure and true,
    This is my message to you-ou-ou

    It is so nice to rise at CN! Breakfast #1, exercise, breakfast #2, beach, 1/2 hour Couples massage...then I think it is time for a cocktail!

    The place is overrun with Mainers! (it is always good to see jaydee and his growing group of friends)

    Too much to type on an iPhone right now, but all is good (every day is good in Negril!). I will get to the Internet cafe and post more later. Time for vodka & Ting!

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    It is wonderful to read daily updates, keep them coming.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Just a quick post...I have to get back to my wife on the beach!

    It's funny how every trip is different. One common thing is that we try to be active (and sometimes succeed). Today started with the in-room breakfast #1, walk to the "Nice up yah self" sign (that is one I will explain later), lift some weights in the gym, breakfast #2, sea kayak, aqua-cize...dirty banana.

    We were treated to a really, really great Donovan Dallrymple set on the beach today (sorry for the spelling Donavan!). He is always fun, but he was "on" today - great time. An older man (who he introduced as his youngest son) joined him. When someone asked the other man to do a song or two, it was obvious how generous Donovan is as an artist. He stepped back and let the other man shine while doing great harmonies and some lead guitar. It was a pleasure to be part of.

    Silver Birds were great last night - don't miss them! Shawna from Entertainment (and a former Silver Bird) joined them on stage, as did another Entertainment Staff/former Silver Bird (sorry...missed his name). I absolutely LOVE the crossover between the Silver Birds and CN staff!

    Great to seen Nellie, spent some time with Carlos...and now I must get back to the beach. (sorry for the rambling is really a stream of consciousness type thing at this point).

    Oh, one more thing...the resort changed dramatically this morning when the Maine 50 departed. Tell all of your friends "hello" jaydee. You guys definitely bring a light, positive vibe to CN. I hope our paths can cross in the future. Until then, another Appleton's & cola!

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    travelgirl - I ran into England today as Omar was sending us out on a hobie cat (he said "hello"). He and Omar told us that Shrek and his wife have moved to Canada (presumably setting up Couples Nova Scotia). No word on Stevie yet.

    Oteiheite (sp?) tonight.

    Great day today, very active, great weather.

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    Bert, it was great to see you and the wife for a second year. I know you'll do well filling in for us Mainers. :-)
    Please give a pat on the back to Kemar a customer service manager who assisted our group, Tasheka who waitresses in Heliconia and Lincoln also in Heliconia.
    Looking forward to your updates. Enjoy the rest of your stay.


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    Bert, thanks for checking on England and Shrek. Sad to hear that Shrek is gone (is he actually in NS???) but will be very glad to see England again, love that guy ... If you seem him again tell him John the windsurfer will see him on the 26th!

    Also, thanks for the daily updates. Keep them coming! I like your style (we also do in room breakfast #1, exercise, breakfast #2, beach, water sports ...). Glad you are having a good time!

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    Breakfast #1 came early today which allowed us to get a great jump on the day. It was followed by exercise, breakfast #2, then on the beach & in for a quick dip by 8:45. My wife & my dad's wife will be doing the early snorkeling with Jovane this morning while Pop & I chill on the beach or by the pool.

    What a difference a day makes! After the departure of the Maine 50 yesterday, the resort was at noticeably lower than capacity...Casava Terrace was empty for breakfast. But a steady stream of new friends checked in over the day on Saturday so there was a lot more activity at breakfast (I opted to skip my omelette due to the line).

    Otahiete was very good last night (I'm picky with wine, so I brought a bottle of Duckhorn cab with me...I have a bottle of Altamura for another night).

    Omar in Water Sports is a renewed old friend, setting us up for sailing. And I committed to the young lady in Water Sports (sorry, i don't recall her name, but she is the Heart Trainee) that if she completes her training to be a scuba instructor, then I will certify during our April 2014 trip. (note: it is pretty sweet to have the next count down running while we are here ). We are looking to do the intro to scuba lesson/dive tomorrow. We have done that with Sugar in the past. He is a fantastic instructor and the dive is great.

    I have rambled on enough for now...maybe more later (I don't have it in me to type anymore on this iPhone).

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    travelgirl - I confirmed that Stevie is still with Water Sports...and then had a piña colada with Myers' dark rum.

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    Thanks for updated Bert! Love to hear anything about CN.

    In Feb. although Ash had moved one, Stevie was still there (saw him doing dive boat stuff). And Kneil there as well.

    The other former SilverBird from E.T. (besides Shawna) is Keno.

    Keep the updates coming please Bert!

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    An observation: seeing too many Red Stripe bottles carried (and abandoned on tables) in the pool area. I can imagine a high risk for foot injuries...

    Let's try to keep each other safe. Respect.

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    One other thing...

    My apologies if my incessant posting on this thread is too much. But I know that for 51 weeks a year I look for a little piece of CN to get me through. My hope here is to let someone catch that spark, if only for a moment

    Last edited by Bert; April 15th, 2013 at 06:31 PM.

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    We spent the morning with Richard from Water Sports doing the intro to scuba class and 30 foot dive (second time for us). They highly recommend getting certified, and doing it at Couples really is the cost effective way to do it...but we don't feel like we would dive enough to justify it at this point and would prefer to spend the time on the beach. Someday maybe. Richard was outstanding and we had a great time. We highly recommend taking this intro course with Richard (Sugar was also great when we took the course the first time).

    Time for Red Stripe and beach....

    Repeaters dinner tonight.
    Last edited by Bert; April 15th, 2013 at 06:32 PM.

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    While having a cocktail in the water today we met 2 nice honeymooners from Indiana. They are in the best room at the resort (well, in our can try to figure it out ). As you can well imagine, we are having a VERY good week. Just made a 7:15 a.m. For personal training with Wayne tomorrow (really? oh well...we need to pay back for all of the food and drink).

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    Bert - there's no such thing as too much posting when it comes to live posts - I'm enjoying your updates! More please!

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    *sigh* Just left yesterday and already missing it!
    Emily & Chuck
    CN - April 9-14, 2013

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    Hey Bert, Richardo certified me a few years ago. He is so awesome! Tell him Kristen and Matt from Colorado are looking forward to diving with him in July.

    I like your updates...thanks!

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    Find Evan (he is my favorite) and pull his ear. He will know.
    Tell Nellie she would make a great daughter in law, for one of my three sons.

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    Repeater's dinner was great (as always). We met lots of nice people (hi Meegan & Matt!). We spent time speaking with staff to include Conrad from food & beverage, Ricardo from, well, the big office , Abraham Issa (the 3rd?...very nice young man), and at our table was Alicia (Ricardo's assistant - she was a pleasure to spend an evening with).

    I am fat and sleepy and will try to remember tomorrow what I am forgetting tonight.

    Oh, one note: I haven't seen Elkie in a year. She was behind the bar in the Piano Bar. She saw me and said "Mr. Rum & diet cola!" How does she do that?!?!

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    In-room breakfast arrived at 6:26 which was just exactly perfect! We had time to warm up on the treadmill before a half hour training with Wayne. He really does a fantastic job of working with people he sees once a year...quite challenging yet executed safely (good workout, no injuries).

    Light breakfast #2, beach, rum...

    We decided to cancel our catamaran cruise reservation and opt for a schedule-free day.

    Currently listening to Donnavon sing "No Woman, No Cry" in the distance. It is a beautiful day and really doesn't get much better.

    Irie (and thank you, Donnavon...ooh, he just stopped in front of us - time for some music...the day just got even better!)

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    Love reading your updates!!

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    An observation: I enjoy sitting on my balcony watching a Couples staff member escorting a newly arriving couple to their room. Part of me is envious (it is so great to be at that end of your Couples experience), but I am mostly just happy to see things move along, knowing that my time soon come (again).

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    Thanks for the thread. Makes me wish were were there. Is Albert still in water sports? If so can you say hi from Big Mon and the his crazy Iowa fiends?

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    We are opting for a day of rest (no exercise). Pop & Cathy leave this morning so we will meet for breakfast, then we go for a massage in the treehouse. Dinner at Otahiete tonight. It is a gorgeous morning and should be a great day on the beach.

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