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    Thanks for the feedback, folks. I will do my best to make your long distance connections and hellos.

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    I'm so enjoying your posts! Would you mind telling what you had to eat at the repeater's dinner? It will be our first time to attent that! Also, my husband is very concerned about what beers are available besides Red Stripe. (Crazy, right?!)

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    Funny story from yesterday. I go to the pool bar to get a Red Stripe from least I think it is her. I notice her name tag looks like it says "Natalie" or something. So I ask "what is your name? You could be Ivylyn's sister". She gives me an odd look then we both laugh as we realize that her IVYLYN tag is just upside down.
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    We just had the pleasure of meeting Tommywommy from 10-0-C (I probably spelled that wrong). Once you get him out of his shell he is quite a pleasent man to speak with (though he sure does talk funny!). (he gave me that line )

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    A bit of a washout this afternoon...but not until a great few hours on the beach and some delicious, delicious oxtails!

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    AWESOME time at CN...Having a blast...Light rain for the past hour.
    Staff are outstanding.
    Hugs from Tommywommy of 10 0 C

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    The rain may have been 2 hours on and off, so a brief nap and finished with a lovely late afternoon beach. Earlier we met Ron & Pam from TN. Our paths have crossed for 3 years...and confirmed they will again in 2014.

    We got our eviction notice today. But tomorrow is our bonus day (we used to stay 7, but after thinking "we wish we had 1 more day", we added 1 more day ). So rather than dread the inevitable departure date (the one thing we all share), I will celebrate the day. Irie!

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    Richard is awesome! Tell him we'll see him August 30th! He did my rescue diver cert. You can't go wrong with Richard or Sugar as instructors.

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    Hahaha ... I love the story about Ivylyn / "Natalie". Too funny! Sounds like you've had a wonderful time, thanks for the updates which make me even more excited to be back again next week!

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    I may start repeating myself (and I will blame it on rum...rum & coke, it ain't no joke!).

    We are really having a fabulous last day (yes, it sounds sad, but I guess it's good to live each day as if it is your last, and this one has been pretty swell so far).

    B1>run>training with Wayne (highly recommended!)>B2>beach. Another great Donnavon Dalrymple set (he makes me happy...when I think about my favorite things about CN, Donnavon is at the top of the list - ironic to me). I look forward to seeing him April of 2014.

    I just went back to the April 2013 Meet Up thread and it is amazing how many people I recognize! Boiler - it's about time for the April 2014 thread.

    Thanks for listening to me go one. I'm not done yet! I will be posting some pictures, linking some video, reflecting for weeks to come.


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    Thank you so much for this! I miss couples sooo much

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    Well, this is about it. Boarding passess printed, finishing up packing...ready to take that sad walk to the lobby for our shuttle to MoBay. We have had a great, great time (as always). I will be posting some thoughts and pictures over the next few weeks...and the April 2014 countdown has began! Thanks for your reading and your comments. I look forward to keeping in touch either virtually or in the 3D world whenever possible. Until the next time, IRIE!

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    Posting live from Club MoBay...will give a review on this thread within the next few days.

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