Hello everyone, we got here Saturday right berore sunset. it started to pour after dark and rained hard most of the evening. Since then, weather has been GLORIOUS! We saw a wedding reception on the beach with the best saxophone player playing during the reception. That was awesome! On Saturday nights now they have a white chocolate fundue set up on the beach. Couples just keeps on spoiling us.
The beach has eroded somewhat but it is still the most beautiful beach ever. The swimming area is very large still. All the service that we have received in the restaurants and housekeeping has been outstanding, maybe the best so far.
We got an older gvs, actually just a couple doors down from the one we stayed in on our honeymoon in 04. We love it, its close to the Palms but not too close. They have been updated since we last stayed and are just fine for us. The tree frogs are singing in full force too. No complaints from us and all you worry warts, don't worry, CSA is still AWESOME, more to come.