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    Default Two weeks until CSS honeymoon! What to expect/tips and hints?

    Hi all! My husband-to-be and I will be headed to CSS the 5-12th of May for our honeymoon... right around the corner! We'll be staying in a beach front suite. I was curious what to expect in terms of crowds for the resort being booked solid? When should we make reservations for dining? How about reservations for excursions? We're both avid snorkelers (I dive, but he doesn't... he's back and forth on trying it) and very active in general. Will we be able to arrange a sunset cat cruise through an outside company?

    I guess I was just hoping for some 'insider' hints! How dressy is dining at night-- should I bring several dresses? One?

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    We love CSS and hope you have an amazing honeymoon! Here are some of my tips for making the most out of your stay in paradise:
    > Make your dinner reservations sooner rather than later, potentially as soon as you receive your Room Number from Reception, you can then go to Guest Services and make your reservations. Tuesday night is the Beach Party (excellent food & fun) and Friday night is the Gala so you won't need reservations for those evenings.
    > No reservation available for the time or day you working? No worries! Go to Bella Vista - the beach grill transforms at night to perhaps the most romantic restaurant IMHO if you score a table on the beach side. And the food is excellent at all the restaurants, you can't go wrong. If you can eat at Cassanova 2X, I would recommend it.
    > Dress isn't too fancy, a LBD will take you a long way. I am a clothes and shoe horse, and never pack lightly, but I like changing my look. I leave the heels at home and pack wedges and flats. My husband brings 2 button down shirts and a bunch of polos for dinner with khakis and loafers - works just fine.
    > You may want to do a photo shoot - free with the photographer, you just have to buy the pictures from the Photo Desk by the lobby. It's a little pricey, but if you have credit, it works out great. We got a 10-pic pack with digital images for ~$120 (I think) and they came out better than some of our wedding photographs! Keep that in mind when packing your outfits.
    >Visit the Water Sports Hut early! To sign up for snorkeling, you may have to go a day or two in advance and I usually sign up for a few days. Be respectful and if you find you are not going to go, go cross off your name so someone else can squeeze in.
    >My husband dives, I don't, but I have done the course and joined him on some of our trips. The instructors are incredibly patient, fun and if you've never done it, it's a great place to try it!
    >We're super active, so it's all about activities for us too! Sign up for the Dunn's River tour - just take your swimsuit, water shoes, a towel, a waterproof camera and some cash ($10-30) in a ziploc baggie for guide tips (they are not Couples employees) or to buy stuff. We have a video from our first trip, and it's a nice memory.
    >The Stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, paddleboats and sailboats are available from 9ish to a little before 4pm.
    >Beach spots under shade do go quick, but if you're sun people, no worries.
    >The mineral pool is a great quiet retreat, before or after spa appts. If you like - there is usually a water aerobics class that is pretty fun. If you want alcohol, bring a drink with you from the pool bar!
    >The aerobics class changes and the schedule gets written on the board in the exercise pavilion above the gym daily
    >Check out the grotto with the little fish - you can get in and it makes sunburn feel way better, but it's cold!
    >There are bikes you can use behind building A and ride around the big loop of the pond. It's also a nice romantic walk and you can see the turtles in the pond.
    >Sunset Beach - A/N if you want or check it out Mon or Wed evening from 5-6p. The Activities schedule in your handout will give you all the details.
    For outside cat cruise, check in with the excursion desk, they can help you out.
    I Wish we were going back home sooner rather than later! Enjoy!!
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    Thank you so much, that's so helpful!! Is there a limit on the number of times we can snorkel-- can we go a couple of times over the course of the trip? Should we book that ASAP as well?

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