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Thread: May 2014

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    Up to date, the best I can tell. As always, let me know of any screw-ups! I'm a touch Jamaica-brained right now.


    Dan and Linda 4/29-6 (djsaylor)
    Sue and Bill 4/30-7 (Suezq429)
    Wendy and Nick 4/30-10 (bunda)
    Holly and James 4/30-10
    Tom and Kiki 4/30-11 (kikiski)
    Danya and Ash 1-8 (loserface00)
    Bruce and Kelli 1-9 (bruceandkelli)
    Steve and Helena 1-9
    ??? 1-10 (JSuch)
    Mary Ellen and Brian 2-9 (BecMec)
    Jamie and Dustin 2-9 (Jamie English)
    Louie and Susie 2-10 (louie&susie)
    Mike and Ashley 2-10 (MikeM)
    Jennifer and Jason 3-9 (Miss_Bliss)
    Chris and Tami 3-10 (Zachmack)
    Tee and Kay 3-10 (Tee Rice)
    Bob and Victoria 3-10
    Kelly and Mick 4-9 (Mick_Fl)
    Lindsay and Joseph 4-9
    Craig and Cathy 4-10 (craig061)
    Lynsey and Jeff 4-11
    Kurt and Sheila 3-10 (Kurt and Sheila)
    ????? 3-10 (adamk)
    Greg and Jacki 5-12 (greanjac)
    Angie and Dan 5-12 (sundance)
    Ken and Carla 7-14 (cfthunder)
    Krishelle and Seamus 7-14 (crazyinlove)
    Mark and April 9-15 (aurxdoc05)
    Andy and Lauryn 10-17 (laurync13)
    Jeff and Mary Lynne 10-17 (winnjb)
    Lee-Ann and Paul 10-20 (Lee-Ann ~N~ Paul)
    Wayne and Lillian 12-20 (Waynel)
    Terry and Allison 12-20 (alanter)
    Tom and Melissa 14-23 (Headedforsomefun)
    Heather and Mike 15-22 (Heathernn)
    Courtney and Zac 15-22
    Pat and Lillian 17-22 (lrhalley)
    Danny and Angie 17-22 (dannym53)
    Andrew and Kelsey 17-24 (Kelseyjo)
    Briana and Ryan 17-24 (R&B)
    Ben and Anita 18-23 (ben&anita)
    Jennifer and Adam 18-24 (jbabney)
    Kristy and Angelo 20-27 (klmurphy2005)
    Keith and Kathleen 20-28 (moiira)
    Dustin and Laramie 21-28 (Dustin&Laramie)
    Jim and Rita 23-29 (Jim&Rita)
    Brad and Sara 24-31 (Sublimebrad)
    Lauren and Brad 25-6/1 (bal52414)
    Clair and Daniel 25-6/8 (flamegirl)
    Tabitha and Kirk 26-5/3 (tabnkirk)
    April and Bryan 27-6/4 (April&Bryan)
    ????? 27-6/4 (Jamie English)
    Leeann and Neil 27-6/5 (leeannandneil)

    Bruce and Kelli
    Fort Worth, TX
    CN 2006, 2008; CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CSA 2014; CSS 2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mick_FL View Post
    Yes! We will be there in 24 days and counting!
    Monkey Brain shots for all at the beach bar.
    One website says this is apple liqueur and Bailey's. Sound right? If so, I need to remember to ask for that one...sounds good!

    Mark & April
    CSA - 06/03 (Honeymoon), 07/08, 10/09, 10/11, 5/14
    Secret Rendezvous - 11/05 (CN), 06/07 (CSS), 12/12 (CTI)

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    Default JAMAICAN BROWNING is one of our favorite drinks


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    30 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the longest countdown ever. I hope that our time at the resort is as slow as the wait. We have two other couples who are coming with us this year, first time the wife and I have someone accompanying us in 6 trips. They are as stoked as we are. May 12th-20th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on May folks ya'll have gone to sleep again. Hope ya'll don't sleep this much on vacation your going to miss out on a lot of fun. I'm not. THE CajunS ARE COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by moiira View Post
    We booked it for Sun, May 25th
    That sounds like a good day to go. Mass in the morning and pub crawl in the afternoon. No worries mon.

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    We are awake!!!

    We just finished our vacation shopping this weekend. We are so ready!! I am almost completely packed and we are 23 days out!!! I am hoping these next 3 weeks don't crawl!!

    Let's go May!!!

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    Annnnd it's snowing again in Colorado. Over it. I need the beach NOW! 25 days!

    CSA 2014
    Booked for CTI 2017

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    Ok we know what some of you people look like, lets see the rest. If you see us, stop and say hi! We are Mary Ellen and Brian. Single digits are getting close!Name:  jamaica beach.jpg
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Size:  108.0 KB

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    BecMec, we're arriving the day after you leave, but here's what we look like anyway!
    Name:  323691_10150351519654658_1182505461_o.jpg
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Size:  294.3 KB

    CSA 2014
    Booked for CTI 2017

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    18 days until we are back at CSA. It's snowing in Indianapolis again, can't wait for the beach.

    Adam and Stefanie

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    Name:  1232980_10153843212820305_974674957_o.jpg
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Size:  151.1 KB Here are my hubby and I (Krishelle and Seamus! We stand out so you won't be able to miss us lol
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    Name:  image.jpg
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    Ken and Carla arriving for our 2nd trip to CSA in 3 weeks!!! Can't wait!!

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    14 days!!!! We are Dan and Linda from Minnesota. Stop by and introduce yourselves if you see us.Name:  image.jpg
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    Allie and Terry - May 12-20th, our honeymoon. 25 sleeps and our wedding night! Come say hi!
    Name:  Us_1.jpg
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    Name:  vacation Kelly n Mike.jpg
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Size:  77.2 KB

    Kelly n Mike
    May 4-9

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee-Ann ~N~ Paul View Post
    Annnnd it's snowing again in Colorado. Over it. I need the beach NOW! 25 days!
    Greetings from Castle Rock! Looks like we will be heading back on the day you arrive. With the extended season, I'm planning to ski right up until we hop on the plane.

    Mike and Ashley in the CN lobby just before our engagement dinner at Ivan's 5/15/2013
    Name:  2ETsydy.jpg
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    [QUOTE=MikeM;243639]Greetings from Castle Rock! Looks like we will be heading back on the day you arrive. With the extended season, I'm planning to ski right up until we hop on the plane.

    We are neighbors!!! We live in Colorado Springs. I am a beach girl at heart...grew up on the east coast (NY & FL) but we are here as my husband is Air Force. I love the mountains! But I am ready for winter to bid adieu! Sorry to miss you guys!!!

    CSA 2014
    Booked for CTI 2017

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    Melissa & Tom, May 14-23...can't wait!!Name:  youandi.jpg
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    Single Digit Dance! 9 More days!!! Here we are Kirk and TabithaName:  187.jpg
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    Default Catchphrase, Anyone?

    Name:  IMG_8391.jpg
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Size:  196.5 KB My wife and I, along with another couple, will be at CSA from May 2 through 11. This will be our second stay at CSA, the first being December 2012.

    We would love to have a game of Catchphrase sometime if we can find at least one more couple to participate. Six players or more makes the game so much more fun.

    On our first visit we thought this would be "the trip of a lifetime", not something we'd try to repeat. By our third day their we'd started planning our next visit.

    We're Kevin and Gail Thompson from Eagle River, Alaska.

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    Wayne and Lillian will be there May12th-20th . OUR PICTURE IS ON PAGE 7 of this post with Elvis.
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    Yikes! I can't tell who's new and who's not, and so much last-minute stuff to do I can't find the time to go back through all the posts. If any new folks want to see their names on the list, feel free to cut, paste, and add away!!!

    Less than two weeks! Can't wait to make some new friends! Seems so close, but still so far.....
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    Only two more weeks to go!! Angie & Dan May 5 to May 12
    Name:  mexico100001.jpg
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    Default Jason and Jennifer (May 3 - 9)

    Name:  WiseSis.jpg
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    Can't wait to see the rest of you in two weeks!

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    Hi Angie and Dan! We're Jennifer & Jason and we'll be at CSA 5/3 - 5/9 - we'll see you there!

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